Volume 42-235 November 15, 2023

Effect of Hot Body Noise Sources on Arrays of Deep Space Network Antennas
Marc Sanchez Net

Volume 42-234 August 15, 2023

Design of 3D Antenna Geometries Using Genetic Algorithms
Julie Rolla, Bryan Reynolds, Jacob Weiler, Amy Connolly, Ryan Debolt, Alex Machtay, Ben Sipe, and Dylan Wells
Extracting the UT1-UTC Earth Orientation Parameter from VLBA Multi-baseline Observing Sessions in the VGOS Database
Nikki A. Zivkov, Durgadas S. Bagri, Konstantin V. Belov, Christopher S. Jacobs, Gabor E. Lanyi, Charles J. Naudet, and Alexander S. Tolstov

Volume 42-233 May 15, 2023

Square-Root Formulas for Kalman Filter, Information Filter, and RTS Smoother: Links via Boomerang Prediction Residual
Toshio Michael Chin
The Mars 2020 Entry, Descent, and Landing Communications Brownout and Blackout at Ultra-High Frequency
David D. Morabito, Ewa Papajak, Trevor Hedges, David Saunders, Peter Ilott, Curtis Jin, Paul Fieseler, Michael Kobayashi, and Mazen Shihabi
Optimizing the Photon Information Efficiency of Point-to-Point Communication Using Entanglement
Matthew Thill, Sam Dolinar, and Dariush Divsalar
Using Entanglement to Increase the Angular Resolution of Very Long Baseline Interferometry
Matthew Thill, Sam Dolinar, and Dariush Divsalar

Volume 42-232 February 15, 2023

Optical Ranging: Asynchronous-Mode Concept, Prototype and Validation
Marc Sanchez Net

Volume 42-231 November 15, 2022

An Assessment of Weather Analysis Data for the DSN Sites
David D. Morabito, Longtao Wu, Joaquim Teixeira

Volume 42-230 August 15, 2022

Mathematical Formulation of the Tropospheric Delay Covariance for Very Long Baseline Interferometry Parameter Estimation
Robert Treuhaft
Radio Frequency Interference Impacting the Martian X-Band Radio Environment
Daniel S. Kahan, Dustin R. Buccino, Walid A. Majid, Robert Navarro, Jeff B. Berner, Bradford W. Arnold

Volume 42-229 May 15, 2022

A Ground-Based Planetary Radar Array
Marc Sanchez Net, Mark Taylor, Victor Vilnrotter, T. Joseph W. Lazio
Optical Ranging: Synchronous-Mode Concept, Prototype, and Validation
Marc Sanchez Net
Jon Hamkins

Volume 42-228 February 15, 2022

A Study of Twenty Years of Advanced Water Vapor Radiometer Data at Goldstone, California
David D. Morabito, Daniel Kahan, Meegyeong Paik, Longtao Wu, Elias Barbinis, Dustin Buccino, and Marzia Parisi

Volume 42-227 November 15, 2021

Noise Pedestal Effects in Turnaround Ranging Channels on Conscan Performance
Joseph Griffin

Volume 42-226 August 15, 2021

Satellite Constellation Assessment Study Using Dual Radio Occultation and Microwave Radiometry Observations
David D. Morabito, Chi Ao, Joseph Turk, and Stephen Lowe
Lunar Testbed for Demonstrating Deep-Space Optical Communications, Ranging and Secret Key Distribution
Victor A. Vilnrotter, Matthew D. Thill, and Daniel J. Hoppe
Pseudo Noise Differential One Way Ranging (PN DOR) Post Processing Overview
Christopher P. Volk, James S. Border, and Zaid J. Towfic
Simulation of Multipath Reflections from Planetary Bodies: Theory and Application to the Lunar South Pole
Marc Sanchez Net
Multipath Measurements at the Lunar South Pole from Opportunistic Ground-based Observations -- Part II: Experiment Results
Nereida Rodriguez-Alvarez, Marc Sanchez Net, Daniel Kahan, David D. Morabito, and Harvey M. Elliott
Embedding a Water Vapor Radiometer Within a Deep Space Network Ka-band Receiver
Alan B. Tanner, James S. Border, Andre P. Jongeling, Ezra M. Long, Erick Pereira, and Eli Lin

Volume 42-225 May 15, 2021

Stability of DSS-25 Ka-band Station Delay During the Juno Prime Mission
Dustin R. Buccino, Marzia Parisi, Marco Zannoni, Ryan S. Park

Volume 42-224 February 15, 2021

Proximity Link Throughput Enhancements via Raptor Code Technology
Amogh Rajanna, Clay Okino, Ken Andrews
Real-Time Position Determination on the Mars Surface Using Relative Joint Doppler and Ranging Measurements
William Jun, Kar-Ming Cheung, E. Glenn Lightsey, Charles Lee

Volume 42-223 November 15, 2020

Demonstration of Advanced Ranging Instrument
James S. Border, Meegyeong Paik, Clement Lee, Dong K. Shin, and Christopher P. Volk
Proving the Uplink Array for Radar Observations
Victor Vilnrotter, Joseph Jao, Jon Giorgini, Dennis Lee, and Philip Tsao

Volume 42-222 August 15, 2020

Radar Study of Inactive Geosynchronous Earth Orbit Satellite Spin States
Conor J. Benson, Charles J. Naudet, and Stephen T. Lowe
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter K-band (26 GHz) Signal Analysis: Updated Study Results
David Morabito and David Heckman
Multipath Measurements at the Lunar South Pole from Opportunistic Ground-based Observations -- Part I: Experiment Concept
Marc Sanchez Net, Nereida Rodriguez-Alverez, Daniel Kahan, David D. Morabito, and Harvey M. Elliott

Volume 42-221 May 15, 2020

Development of Omnidirectional Optical Terminals for Swarm Communications and Navigation
Jose E. Velazco, Alexa C. Aguilar, Andy R. Klaib, Uriel S. Escobar, Sean E. Cornish, and Joseph C. Griffin
Optical Telemetry Ranging
Marc Sanchez Net and Jon Hamkins

Volume 42-220 Feburary 15, 2020

Cracking Quantum Key Distribution: Basis Estimation and Optimal Measurements
Matthew Thill, Sam Dolinar, and Dariush Divsalar
Realizing a Space Wi-Fi Link for the ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer Experiment on Space Station (ECOSTRESS) Mission
Michael K. Cheng, Dennis K. Lee, Josh Miller, Vaughn Cable, and Bryan Bell

Volume 42-219 November 15, 2019

Frame Error Probability of Frequency-Flat Block Fading Channels with Frame Repetition
Marc Sanchez Net
Carrier-Phase Aided Pseudo-Noise Range Estimation at RF Frequencies
Victor A. Vilnrotter and Kar-Ming Cheung

Volume 42-218 August 15, 2019

An Atmospheric Attenuation Model for a Proposed K-band Near-Earth Uplink Frequency Band
David D. Morabito
Ka-band ARQ Using SNR Distributions Derived from Flight Data
David D. Morabito and Kar-Ming Cheung
Coherent Wavefront Sensor for Optical Communications through Atmospheric Turbulence in Strong Background Environments
Victor A. Vilnrotter, Lewis C. Roberts Jr., and J. Christopher Shelton
Opportunities for Optimization through Parallelization of the Bundle Protocol
Gerard J. Holzmann

Volume 42-217 May 15, 2019

Adaptive Control of a Variable Coded Modulation Radio Using Delay Tolerant Networking Licklider Transmission Protocol Statistics
J. Leigh Torgerson, Gregory J. Miles, Nate J. Richard, and Hua Xie
Measurement of Station Delay at DSS-25
Dustin Buccino, Jim Border, Christopher Volk, and Oscar Yang
Monthly and Annual Phase Delay Statistics Acquired from DSN and KSC Site Test Interferometers
David D. Morabito

Volume 42-216 February 15, 2019

PN Delta-DOR Signal Format Implementation
Zaid Towfic, Thaddaeus Voss, Mazen Shihabi, and James Border
Ka-band Estimated and Observed Frame Error Analysis
David D. Morabito
Analysis of the Fading Channel in Downlinks from the Lunar South Pole to the Deep Space Network
Marc Sanchez Net

Volume 42-215 November 15, 2018

Advanced Ranging Instrumentation
Meegyeong Paik, James S. Border, Stephan Esterhuizen, and Dong K. Shin
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Delay and Phase for Chirped Signals
Victor Vilnrotter and Julian Breidenthal
An Orbital Angular Momentum Feed for 34-Meter Beam Waveguide Antennas
Daniel Hoppe, Charles Naudet, Julian Breidenthal, and Gabor Lanyi

Volume 42-214 August 15, 2018

1-K Cryogenic System for Optical Communication Receivers on Tipping Telescopes
Michael Britcliffe, Theodore Hanson, and Erik Pereira
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Ka-Band Carrier Signal Analysis
David D. Morabito

Volume 42-213 May 15, 2018

Impact of Cross-Polarization Interference on Dual Polarization Communication Systems
Edgar Satorius, Thomas Jedrey, and Charles Wang
Variable Coded Modulation (VCM) Cognitive Radio Higher-Order Constellation Receiver Operation
Andre Tkacenko, Michael J. Kilzer, Matthew D. Chase, Susan C. Clancy, Hua Xie, Jordan L. Torgerson, and Gregory J. Miles

Volume 42-212 February 15, 2018

Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer (TES) Spectrum Reconstruction Analysis Summary
Andre Tkacenko, Matthew D. Thrill, and Curtis Jin
Flight Test and Validation of Variable Coded Modulation Using SCaN Testbed
Hua Xie, Sam Dolinar, Matthew Chase, Susan Clancy, Michael Kilzer, Leigh Torgerson, and Andre Tkacenko

Volume 42-211 November 15, 2017

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter K-Band (26 GHz) Signal Analysis: Initial Study Results
David D. Morabito and David Heckman
Deep-Space Ka-Band Flight Experience
David D. Morabito

Volume 42-210 August 15, 2017

Uplink Array Calibration via Power Spectra in the Presence of Phase and Delay Errors
Victor A. Vilnrotter
A Primer on Quantum Channel Capacity and Its Applications to Optical Communication
Matthew Thill, Sam Dolinar, and Dariush Divsalar
The Klystron Engineering Model Development (KEMD) Task A New Design for the Goldstone Solar System Radar (GSSR)
Lawrence Teitelbaum, Roland Liou, Yakov Vodonos, Jose Velazco, Kenneth Andrews, and Dan Kelley

Volume 42-209 May 15, 2017

A New Geometric Trilateration Scheme for GPS-Style Localization
Kar-Ming Cheung and Charles Lee
A Comparison of Atmospheric Quantities Determined from Advanced WVR and Weather Analysis Data
David Morabito, Longtao Wu, and Stephen Slobin
Synchronization for Optical PPM with Inter-Symbol Guard Times
Ryan Rogalin and Meera Srinivasan

Volume 42-208 February 15, 2017

Mitigation of Discrete Spectral Components in Filtered BPSK and OQPSK Signals
Victor A. Vilnrotter and Dennis K. Lee
Cassini Downlink Ka-Band Carrier Signal Analysis
David D. Morabito, Daniel Kahan, Kamal Oudrhiri, and Carlyn-Ann Lee
Microwave Frequency Multiplier
Jose E. Velazco

Volume 42-207 November 15, 2016

Repeat-PPM Super-Symbol Synchronization
Joseph Connelly
A Novel Rotating-Wave X-Ray Source for Analysis of the Martian Landscape
Jose E. Velazco, Mark Taylor, Yang Liu, Robert Hodyss, and Abby Allwood
Fast Implementation of New S-Band Capability in the Deep Space Network
Jose E. Velazco, John Sosnowski, Jim Bowen, Ted Hanson, Juan Ocampo, John Huleis, Mark Taylor, Erick Pereira, Steve Montanez, Michael Young, Chris Link, Ezra Long, Hungsheng Lin, and Manuel Franco
Spatial Power Combining Amplifier for Ground and Flight Applications
Jose E. Velazco and Mark Taylor
Development of an Ultra-Wideband Receiver for the North America Array
Jose E. Velazco, Melissa Soriano, Dan Hoppe, Damon Russell, Larry D'Addario, Ezra Long, Jim Bowen, Lorene Samoska, and Joe Lazio
RF/Optical Demonstration: Focal Plane Assembly
Daniel J. Hoppe, Sang Chung, Joe Kovalik, Eric Gama, and Michela Munoz Fernandez

Volume 42-206 August 15, 2016

Study of Rotating-Wave Electromagnetic Modes for Applications in Space Exploration
Jose E. Velazco
Using Laser Scanners to Augment the Systematic Error Pointing Model
Daniel R. Wernicke
Weather Forecasting for Ka-band Operations: Initial Study Results
David Morabito, Longtao Wu, and Stephen Slobin
Telemetry Ranging: Laboratory Validation Tests and End-to-End Performance
Jon Hamkins, Peter Kinman, Hua Xie, Victor Vilnrotter, Sam Dolinar, Norman Adams, Erika Sanchez, and Wesley Millard

Volume 42-205 May 15, 2016

Optical Ground Segment Performance Summary
Julian Breidenthal, Hua Xie, and Loren Clare
Design Reference Missions for Deep-Space Optical Communication
Julian Breidenthal and Douglas Abraham
Link Characterization for Deep-Space Optical Communications
Hua Xie, David Heckman, and Julian Breidenthal
Optical Communications Performance with Realistic Weather and Automated Repeat Query
Loren Clare, Gregory Miles, and Julian Breidenthal

Volume 42-204 February 15, 2016

Demonstration of Long Vacuum Integrity Lifetime of a Trapped-Ion Clock Package
Thejesh Bandi, John Prestage, Sang Chung, Thanh Le, and Nan Yu
S/Ka Dichroic Plate with Rounded Corners for NASA's 34-m Beam-Waveguide Antenna
Watt Veruttipong, Behrouz Khayatian, and William Imbriale
Evaluation of Concrete Consolidation: DSS-35 Antenna Reinforced Concrete Pedestal, Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex, Australia
Benjamin P. Saldua, Ethan C. Dodge, Peter R. Kolf, and Carlton A. Olson
Telemetry Ranging: Signal Processing
Jon Hamkins, Peter Kinman, Hua Xie, Victor Vilnrotter, and Sam Dolinar

Volume 42-203 November 15, 2015

List of Changes
A Statistical Comparison of Meteorological Data Types Derived from Deep Space Network Water Vapor Radiometers
David D. Morabito, Stephen Keihm, and Stephen Slobin
Antenna-Range Consistency in Measurements of Gain and Phase Patterns
George Purcell, Larry Young, and Luis Zuniga
Telemetry Ranging: Concepts
Jon Hamkins, Peter Kinman, Hua Xie, Victor Vilnrotter, and Sam Dolinar
Robust Orbit Determination and Classification: A Learning Theoretic Approach
Srinagesh Sharma and James W. Cutler

Volume 42-202 August 15, 2015

Performance Analysis of Digital Tracking Loops for Telemetry Ranging Applications
Victor Vilnrotter, Jon Hamkins, Hua Xie, and Shwan Ashrafi
Next-Generation Ground Network Architecture for Communications and Tracking of Interplanetary Smallsats
Kar-Ming Cheung, Douglas Abraham, Belinda Arroyo, Eleanor Basilio, Alessandra Babuscia, Courtney Duncan, Dennis Lee, Kamal Oudrhiri, Timothy Pham, Robert Staehle, Stefan Waldherr, Gregory Welz, Jay Wyatt, Marco Lanucara, Benjamin Malphrus, John Bellardo, Jordi Puig-Suari, and Sabrina Corpino
Broadband Upgrade for the 1.668-GHz (L-Band) Radio Astronomy Feed System on the DSN 70-m Antennas
Daniel J. Hoppe, Behrouz Khayatian, Bernardo Lopez, Troy Torrez, Ezra Long, John Sosnowski, Manuel Franco, and Larry Teitelbaum

Volume 42-201 May 15, 2015

An Update on 34-m Beam-Waveguide Antenna Strut Shaping: Results for Four Strut Shields
Daniel J. Hoppe, Behrouz Khayatian, Manuel Franco, Michael J. Britcliffe, and Eric Gama
RF/Optical Hybrid Antenna
Troy M. Torrez
Confidence Intervals for Error Rates Observed in Coded Communications Systems
Jon Hamkins

Volume 42-200 February 15, 2015

Opportunistic MSPA Demonstration #1: Final Report
Douglas S. Abraham, Susan G. Finley, David P. Heckman, Norman E. Lay, Cindy M. Lush, and Bruce E. MacNeal
Dynamic Telemetry Link Advantage When Tracking a Lunar Orbiter with a 34-m Antenna at 2.3 GHz and 8.4 GHz
David D. Morabito
Analysis of a Near-Free-Floating Vibration Isolation Platform
Martin Regehr

Volume 42-199 November 15, 2014

Range Dependence of the Optical Communications Channel
Bruce Moision and William Farr
An Approximate Link Equation for the Direct-Detected Optical PPM Link
Bruce Moision and Hua Xie
Advanced Calibration Technique for Accurate Three-Way Spacecraft Ranging
Dong Shin, Durgadas Bagri, and James Border
A Comparison of Estimates of Atmospheric Effects on Signal Propagation Using ITU Models: Initial Study Results
David D. Morabito

Volume 42-198 August 15, 2014

Multiuser Receiver Architectures for Space Modems
David Bell, Edgar Satorius, Igor Kuperman, and John Koenig
Parallel Modem Architectures for High-Data-Rate Space Modems
Edgar Satorius
Atmospheric Array Loss Statistics Derived from Short Time Scale Site Test Interferometer Phase Data
David D. Morabito and Larry R. D'Addario

Volume 42-197 May 15, 2014

The Mars Science Laboratory EDL Communications Brownout and Blackout at UHF
David D. Morabito, Brian Schratz, Kris Bruvold, Peter Ilott, Karl Edquist, and Alicia Dwyer Cianciolo
How the World Uses the Deep Space Network's Technology
Laif Swanson
Statistical Risk Estimation for Communication System Design: Results of the HETE-2 Test Case
Alessandra Babuscia and Kar-Ming Cheung

Volume 42-196 February 15, 2014

Atmospheric Array Loss Statistics for the Goldstone and Canberra DSN Sites Derived from Site Test Interferometer Data
David D. Morabito and Larry R. D'Addario
An Analysis of High-Power Transmission from DSN Antennas and Aircraft Certification Limits
Vahraz Jamnejad
The Planetary and Lunar Ephemerides DE430 and DE431
William M. Folkner, James G. Williams, Dale H. Boggs, Ryan S. Park, and Petr Kuchynka

Volume 42-195 November 15, 2013

DSS-13 Ka Receiver Upgrades
Damon Russell, Ezra Long, Steven Montanez, and Michael Young
Performance Characterization of the DSS-28 GAVRT-II Antenna Drive System
Farrokh Baher, Barzia Tehrani, and Wodek Gawronski

Volume 42-194 August 15, 2013

Problem Formulation and Analysis of the 1-Hop ARQ Links
Kar-Ming Cheung
Decoding Complexity and Performance of Short-Block LDPC Codes Over GF(q)
Bruce Moision
Wideband Antenna Arraying Over Long Distances
Alberto Torre Fernandez

Volume 42-193 May 15, 2013

Delta-DOR: The One-Nanoradian Navigation Measurement System of the Deep Space Network History, Architecture, and Componentry
David W. Curkendall and James S. Border
Performance Characterization of the DSS-28 GAVRT-II Antenna Drive System
Farrokh Baher, Barzia Tehrani, and Wodek Gawronski
Python Ephemeris Module for DSN Radio Astronomy
Thomas B. Kuiper
Wideband Power Amplifier Modeling Incorporating Carrier Frequency Dependent AM/AM and AM/PM Characteristics
Andre Tkacenko
Deep-Space Optical Transceiver Uplink Detection Analysis
Andre Tkacenko, Kevin J. Quirk, and Meera Srinivasan

Volume 42-192 February 15, 2013

GSSR Waveforms for Lunar Observations
Kevin J. Quirk and Meera Srinivasan
Infrared Cloud Imager Development for Atmospheric Optical Communication Characterization, and Measurements at the JPL Table Mountain Facility
Paul W. Nugent, Joseph A. Shaw, and Sabino Piazzolla
Reducing Near-Field RF Levels and Noise Temperature on a 34-m Beam-Waveguide Antenna by Strut Shaping
Behrouz Khayatian, Daniel J. Hoppe, Michael J. Britcliffe, and Eric Gama
Ghost Imaging of Space Objects
Dmitry V. Strekalov, Baris I. Erkmen, and Nan Yu

Volume 42-191 November 15, 2012

Reconfigurable Wideband Ground Receiver Field Testing
Norman Lay, Arby Argueta, Andre Tkacenko, Meera Srinivasan, and Kenneth Andrews
OCTL Laser Beam Transmission Interruptions due to Aircraft and Predictive Avoidance
Abhijit Biswas, William T. Roberts, Joseph M. Kovalik, and Malcolm W. Wright
Flight Test Evaluation of Precise Point Positioning Techniques Using Optical Ranging
Walton Williamson, Bruce Haines, Keith Wilson, Joseph Kovalik, Malcolm Wright, Robert Meyer, and Yoaz Bar-Sever

Volume 42-190 August 15, 2012

The Capacity-Maximizing Field of View of an Optical Communications System
Bruce Moision
Whole Symbol Moments SNR Estimator (WSME) Analysis and Implementation
Igor Kuperman and Edgar Satorius
Station-Specific Errors in Mars Ranging Measurements
Petr Kuchynka, William M. Folkner, and Alex S. Konopliv

Volume 42-189 May 15, 2012

Resonant Pumping of Er-Doped Fiber Amplifiers for Improved Laser Efficiency in Free-Space Optical Communications
Malcolm W. Wright, Haomin Yao, and John R. Marciante
Quantum Receiver for Distinguishing Between Binary Coherent-State Signals with Partitioned-Interval Detection and Constant-Intensity Local Lasers
Victor A. Vilnrotter
End-to-End Traffic Flow Modeling of the Integrated SCaN Network
Kar-Ming Cheung and Douglas S. Abraham

Volume 42-188 February 15, 2012

Comparison of Dual Water Vapor Radiometer Differenced Path Delay Fluctuations and Site Test Interferometer Phase Delay Fluctuations Over a Shared 250-Meter Baseline
David D. Morabito, Larry R. D'Addario, Stephen Keihm, and Shervin Shambayati
A Low-Cost Water Vapor Radiometer for Deep Space Network Media Calibration
Michael Britcliffe, Daniel Hoppe, and Manual Franco
Statistical Risk Estimation for Communication System Design A Preliminary Look
Alessandra Babuscia and Kar-Ming Cheung

Volume 42-187 November 15, 2011

Minimum Propagation Loss for Ducting Mode Around Cebreros Deep-Space Station
Selahattin Kayalar, Christian Ho, and Peter Kinman
The DSN Asset Management/Maintenance Improvement Initiative
Joseph Wackley and Desi Dundics
Coding with Side Information for Radiation-Tolerant Memory Devices
Euiseok Hwang, Seungjune Jeon, Rohit Negi, B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar, and Michael K. Cheng

Volume 42-186 August 15, 2011

Measuring Terrestrial Interference Properties at DSS-13 at 32 GHz
Ted Peng, Christian Ho, Stephen Slobin, Dennis Lee, and Peter Kinman
Two-Element Uplink Array Loss Statistics Derived from Site Test Interferometer Phase Data for the Goldstone Climate: Initial Study Results
David D. Morabito and Larry D'Addario
Quadruply Differenced One-Way Ranging: QDOR
Gabor Lanyi
Twenty Questions Always End With Yes
William Wu and John T. Gill III

Volume 42-185 May 15, 2011

A Unified Low-Elevation-Angle Scintillation Model
Charles H. Lee, Kar-Ming Cheung, and Christian Ho
Computational Ghost Imaging for Remote Sensing Applications
Baris I. Erkmen
Joint Source-Channel Coding for Deep-Space Image Transmission
Ozgun Bursalioglu Yilmaz, Giuseppe Caire, and Dariush Divsalar
Overview and Design of the DOT Flight Laser Transceiver
William Farr, Martin Regehr, Malcolm Wright, Doug Sheldon, Adit Sahasrabudhe, Jonathan Gin, and Dan Nguyen

Volume 42-184 February 15, 2011

Design and Performance of the H Controller for the Beam-Waveguide Antennas
Wodek Gawronski
A Measurement of X-Band Front-End Phase Dispersion for Delta-Differenced One-Way Range (DDOR) Experiments
Stephen T. Lowe
Optical Phase Lock Loop Based Phased Array Transmitter for Optical Communications
Yasha Vilenchik, Baris I. Erkmen, Naresh Satyan, Amnon Yariv, William H. Farr, and John M. Choi
Performance of Low-Density Parity-Check Coded Modulation
Jon Hamkins

Volume 42-183 November 15, 2010

Deep-space Optical Terminals (DOT) Systems Engineering
Abhijit Biswas, Hamid Hemmati, Sabino Piazzolla, Bruce Moision, Kevin Birnbaum, and Kevin Quirk
Deep-space Optical Terminals (DOT) Ground Laser Transmitter (GLT) Trades and Conceptual Point Design
W. Thomas Roberts and Malcolm W. Wright
Statistical Link Analysis -- A Risk Analysis Perspective
Kar-Ming Cheung

Volume 42-182 August 15, 2010

Ka-Band Monopulse Antenna Pointing Calibration Using Wideband Radio Sources
Chau Buu, Jesus Calvo, Tsan-Huei Cheng, and Manuel Vazquez
In Search of the 10-Centimeter Range Measurement
Mick Connally, Scott Bryant, Sherill Hampton, and Bruce Klein
DOT Ground Laser Receiver: Overview and Major Trades
Kevin M. Birnbaum, Jeffrey R. Charles, William H. Farr, Jonathan Gin, Kevin J. Quirk, William T. Roberts, Jeffrey A. Stern, and Yen-Hung Wu

Volume 42-181 May 15, 2010

Evaluation of Error-Correcting Codes for Radiation-Tolerant Memory
Seungjune Jeon, B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar, Euiseok Hwang, and Michael K. Cheng
Comparison of Laser and Differential GPS Ranging Approaches
Walton Williamson, Keith Wilson, Joseph Kovalik, Malcolm Wright, Bruce Haines, and Yoaz Bar-Sever
Integrated RF/Optical Ground Station Technology Challenges
Daniel Hoppe, Jeff Charles, Sabino Piazzolla, Farid Amoozegar, Mike Britcliffe, and Hamid Hemmati
Effects of Transmitter Symbol Clock Jitter Upon Ground Receiver Performance
Meera Srinivasan, Andre Tkacenko, Mark Lyubarev, and Polly Estabrook

Volume 42-180 February 15, 2010

Hybrid RF/Optical Communications via 34-meter DSN Antennas
Victor A. Vilnrotter
Radio Science Experiments with Onboard Arraying
Massimo Tinto
Software Receiver Processing for Deep Space Telemetry Applications
Norman Lay, Mark Lyubarev, Andre Tkacenko, Meera Srinivasan, Kenneth Andrews, Susan Finley, Charles Goodhart, and Robert Navarro
Reconfigurable Wideband Ground Receiver Hardware Description and Laboratory Performance
Kenneth S. Andrews, Arby Argueta, Norman E. Lay, Mark Lyubarev, Elliott H. Sigman, Meera Srinivasan, and Andre Tkacenko
Parameter Estimation Bounds and Preamble Designs for SOQPSK Waveforms
Andre Tkacenko and Baris I. Erkmen

Volume 42-179 November 15, 2009

List of Changes
The Mars Phoenix Communications Brownout during Entry into the Martian Atmosphere
David Morabito, Richard Kornfeld, Kristoffer Bruvold, Lynn Craig, and Karl Edquist
Estimating the Aggregate Interference from High-Density Fixed Service Emitters to Deep-Space Earth Stations
Ted Peng, Peter Kinman, Selahattin Kayalar, and Christian Ho
The Classical Capacity of Single-Mode Free-Space Optical Communication: A Review
Baris I. Erkmen, Bruce E. Moision, and Kevin M. Birnbaum

Volume 42-178 August 15, 2009

The Planetary and Lunar Ephemeris DE 421
William M. Folkner, James G. Williams, and Dale H. Boggs
The Portable Radio Science Receiver (RSR)
Stephen Rogstad, Robert Navarro, Susan Finley, Charles Goodhart, Robert Proctor, and Sami Asmar
A Comparison of the Ka-Band Deep-Space Link with the X-Band Link through Emulation
Shervin Shambayati

Volume 42-177 May 15, 2009

Preparations for Planned OCTL to OICETS Optical Link Experiment (OTOOLE)
Keith E. Wilson
Application of Noncoherent Doppler and Range Data for Mars Approach Navigation
Sumita Nandi
Station Delay Calibration for Ranging Measurements
James S. Border and Meegyeong Paik
Separating and Tracking Multiple Beacon Sources for Deep Space Optical Communications
Kevin M. Birnbaum, Adit Sahasrabudhe, and William H. Farr

Volume 42-176 February 15, 2009

Uplink Array Demonstration with Ground-Based Calibration
Larry D'Addario, Robert Proctor, Joseph Trinh, Elliott Sigman, and Clifford Yamamoto
Lunar Pole Illumination and Communications Maps Computed from Goldstone Solar System Radar Elevation Data
Scott Bryant
RAIK: Redundant Array of Inexpensive Klystrons
Bruce L. Conroy and David L. Losh
Dynamical and Observation Models in the Kalman Earth Orientation Filter
T. Mike Chin, Richard S. Gross, Dale H. Boggs, and J. Todd Ratcliff
Finding Every Root of a Broad Class of Real Continuous Functions in a Given Interval
Robert C. Tausworthe

Volume 42-175 November 15, 2008

Complete Lunar Exploration Coverage Analysis
Charles H. Lee and Kar-Ming Cheung
Uplink Arraying Next Steps
Faramaz Davarian
Combining Loss of a Transmitting Array due to Phase Errors
Larry R. D'Addario
Injection of a 100-kW Uplink Signal into the Existing 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide System
Daniel J. Hoppe and Behrouz Khayatian
Optimal Phase Lock at Femtowatt Power Levels for Coherent Optical Deep-Space Transponder
G. John Dick, Meirong Tu, Dmitry Strekalov, Kevin Birnbaum, and Nan Yu
Solar Brightness Temperature and Corresponding Antenna Noise Temperature at Microwave Frequencies
Christian Ho, Stephen Slobin, Anil Kantak, and Sami Asmar

Volume 42-174 August 15, 2008

EPOXI Uplink Array Experiment of June 27, 2008
Victor A. Vilnrotter, Philip C. Tsao, Dennis K. Lee, Timothy P. Cornish, Leslie Paal, and Vahraz Jamnejad
Optimal Codes for the Burst Erasure Channel
Jon Hamkins
On Selecting the Size of a Spacecraft's Buffer
Shervin Shambayati
Pros and Cons of Using Arrays of Small Antennas versus Large Single-Dish Antennas for the Deep Space Network
Durgadas S. Bagri
Potential Interference to the Deep Space Network Stations in Spain from NPOESS in the 25.5- to 27.0-GHz Band
Haiping Tsou
Coordination Area to Prevent Interference from LMDS Transmitters Operating in the 25.7-GHz Band in Areas around the Robledo DSN Stations in Spain
Christian Ho

Volume 42-173 May 15, 2008

Recent Experiments at the JPL Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory
Keith Wilson, Joseph Kovalik, Abhijit Biswas, and William T. Roberts
Universal Decoder for Variable Duty-Cycle Optical Communications
Bruce Moision
Two-Photon Absorption Long-Wavelength Optical Beam Tracking
Gerardo G. Ortiz and William H. Farr
Lossless Compression of Seismic Data into Fixed-Length Packets
Aaron B. Kiely
Improvements to Symbol Signal-to-Noise Ratio Estimation for the Block V Receiver
Meera Srinivasan, Andre Tkacenko, and Frank Cheng

Volume 42-172 February 15, 2008

Phasing an Uplink Array Using Radio Source(s)
D. S. Bagri
The Effect on Spacecraft Tracking Performance of Using an Array Instead of a Single Dish for Receiving
D. S. Bagri
Estimating Accurate Relative Spacecraft Angular Position from Deep Space Network Very Long Baseline Interferometry Phases Using X-Band Telemetry or Differential One-Way Ranging Tones
D. S. Bagri and W. A. Majid
Precision Relative Astrometry with the Deep Space Network
W. A. Majid and D. S. Bagri
The Moon as a Calibration Load for the Breadboard Array
D. Morabito, M. Gatti, and H. Miyatake
High-Power Upgrade of the Three-Frequency (7.2-/8.4-/32-Gigahertz) Deep Space Network Feed: Design Phase
B. Khayatian and D. Hoppe
Potential Interference from Wireless Water Tank Transmitters at Goldstone
C. Ho

Volume 42-171 November 15, 2007

Infrared Earth Tracking for Deep-Space Optical Communications--Laboratory Experiments
Y. Chen, J. Charles, H. Hemmati, and A. Biswas
A Fiber-Based Master Oscillator Power Amplifier Laser Transmitter for Optical Communications
M. W. Wright and J. Kovalik
Photon Jitter Mitigation for the Optical Channel
B. Moision
Aligning an Array of Receiving Radio Antennas in the Presence of an Interfering Source: Taking Advantage of Differences in Spectral Shape
D. H. Rogstad
Same-Beam Tracking with the Proposed DSN Array Using a Calibration Signal from Multiple Sources Simultaneously
D. S. Bagri
Low-Density Parity-Check Code Design Techniques to Simplify Encoding
J. M. Perez and K. Andrews
Performance Comparison of the LQG and PI Controllers in Wind Gusts
W. Gawronski and P. Perez-Zapardiel

Volume 42-170 August 15, 2007

Memory Requirements to Mitigate Fading Losses on an Optical Channel
B. Moision and A. Biswas
Focal-Plane Array Receiver Systems for Space Communications
M. Britcliffe, D. Hoppe, and V. Vilnrotter
In Situ Antenna Modeling Tools
V. Cable
A Seven-Element, Modular, Coupled-Oscillator-Based Agile Beam Receiver
R. J. Pogorzelski, S. L. Stride, M. S. Zawadzki, and J. Venkatesan
Development of an X-Band Coupled-Oscillator Transmit/Receive Phased Array
J. Venkatesan and R. Pogorzelski
Voltage-Controlled Sapphire Oscillator: Design, Development, and Preliminary Performance
R. T. Wang, G. J. Dick, and R. L. Tjoelker
Physical Temperature of the Active Region in Cryogenically Cooled Indium Phosphide High-Electron Mobility Transistors
J. J. Bautista and E. M. Long

Volume 42-169 May 15, 2007

New Antenna Calibration Techniques in the Deep Space Network
D. Rochblatt, P. Richter, P. Withington, M. Vazquez, and J. Calvo
Three-Antenna Doppler-Delay Imaging of the Crater Tycho for Uplink Array Calibration Applications
V. Vilnrotter, D. Lee, R. Mukai, T. Cornish, and P. Tsao
In-Beam Phase Referencing with the Deep Space Network Array
W. Majid and D. Bagri
Experimental and Analytical Studies of a Large In-Space Deployable Dual-Band Membrane Reflectarray Antenna
H. Fang, U. Quijano, K. Knarr, J. Huang, and R.Lovick
Frequency Standards Stability Analyzer for the Deep Space Network
C. A. Greenhall, A. Kirk, and R. L. Tjoelker
A Truncation-Depth Rule of Thumb for Convolutional Codes
B. Moision
Lossless Compression of Classification Map Images
H. Xie and M. Klimesh
The Cryogenic DC Behavior of Cryo3/AZ1 InP 0.1-by-80-Micrometer-Gate High Electron Mobility Transistor Devices
J. Shell

Volume 42-168 February 15, 2007

Lossy Image Compression and Stereo Ranging Quality from Mars Rovers
A. Kiely, A. Ansar, A. Castano, M. Klimesh, and J. Maki
Optimizations of a Turbo-Like Decoder for Deep-Space Optical Communications
M. K. Cheng, M. A. Nakashima, B. E. Moision, and J. Hamkins
Performance and Decoder Complexity Estimates for Families of Low-Density Parity-Check Codes
S. Dolinar and K. Andrews
Variable Sample Rate Conversion Techniques for the Advanced Receiver
A. Tkacenko
Link Analysis of a Telecommunication System on Earth, in Geostationary Orbit, and at the Moon: Atmospheric Attenuation and Noise Temperature Effects
C. Ho, A. Kantak, S. Slobin, and D. Morabito
Design of a Wideband Radio Telescope
W. A. Imbriale, S. Weinreb, and H. Mani
Measurement of Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power during Early Cruise
D. D. Morabito, D. Lee, M. M. Franco, and S. Shambayati

Volume 42-167 November 15, 2006

Master Clock and Time Distribution System for the NASA Deep Space Network: Part I
R. L. Tjoelker, M. Calhoun, P. F. Kuhnle, J. Lauf, and R. L.Sydnor
Ground System Phase Estimation Techniques for Uplink Array Applications
L. Paal, R. Mukai, V. Vilnrotter, T. Cornish, and D. Lee
All-Photonic Link for High-Performance Antenna Arraying
S. Huang and R. L. Tjoelker
The Long-Wave Infrared Earth Image as a Pointing Reference for Deep-Space Optical Communications
A. Biswas, S. Piazzolla, G. Peterson, G. G. Ortiz, and H. Hemmati
Space Weather and Deep-Space Communications
R. Woo
Bounds on the Error Variance when Estimating the Position of an Image
B. Moision
Servo Performance Parameters of the Deep Space Network Antennas
W. Gawronski

Volume 42-166 August 15, 2006

Frequency-Agile Multi-Channel X-Band Coherent Receiver/Transmitter for the Advanced Deep Space Transponder
S. K. Smith, N. Mysoor, J. Lux, B. Cook, and B. Shah
High-Rate (130-Mb/s) Ka-Band Downlink Modulator Breadboard for the Advanced Deep Space Transponder
S. K. Smith, N. R. Mysoor, B. M. Cook, J. P. Lux, and B. N. Shah
Lunar Noise-Temperature Increase Measurements at S-Band, X-Band, and Ka-Band Using a 34-Meter-Diameter Beam-Waveguide Antenna
D. D. Morabito
Computing the Noise Temperature Increase Caused by Pointing DSS 13 at the Center of the Moon
W. A. Imbriale
Sub-10-16 Frequency Stability in Multi-Pole Linear Ion Trap Standards: Reduction of Number-Dependent Sensitivity
E. A. Burt and R. L. Tjoelker
Real-Time Wideband Telemetry Receiver Architecture and Performance
K. Andrews, J. Gin, N. Lay, K. Quirk, and M. Srinivasan
Uplink Arraying Experiment with the Mars Global Surveyor Spacecraft
V. Vilnrotter, D. Lee, T. Cornish, R. Mukai, and L. Paal
Adaptive Wavefront-Correction Algorithms Using Focal-Plane Array Intensity Measurements
R. Mukai, V. A. Vilnrotter, and C.-W. Lau

Volume 42-165 May 15, 2006

Two-Element Optical Array Receiver Field Demonstration
V. Vilnrotter, C.-W. Lau, K. Andrews,P. Vo, M. Srinivasan, and D. Lee
Binary Quantum Receiver Concept Demonstration
C.-W. Lau, V. A. Vilnrotter, S. Dolinar,J. M. Geremia, and H. Mabuchi
Development of a 24- to 44-Gigahertz (Ka-band) Vector Modulator Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC)
J. E. Penn, N. R. Mysoor, M. Bernacik,and J. Bruzzi
Reducing Antenna Mechanical Noise in Precision Doppler Tracking
J. W. Armstrong, F. B. Estabrook,S. W. Asmar, L. Iess, and P. Tortora
The Binary Phase-Shift Keyed Bit-Error Performance Under an In-Band Pulsed-Chirp Radio Frequency Interference
H. Tsou, J. Gin, C. Wang, and M. Sue
Availability of Calibration Sources for Measuring Spacecraft Angular Position with Sub-Nanoradian Accuracy
W. Majid and D. Bagri
A Dual-Channel 8- to 9-Gigahertz High-Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA) Package for the Goldstone Solar System Radar
E. M. Long
Estimate of Interference from the Aeronautical Mobile Services of the Cities of Glendale and Pasadena to Goldstone Radio Astronomy Stations at 4.9 Gigahertz
C. Ho, M. Sue, and F. Manshadi

Volume 42-164 February 15, 2006

Modeling the Atmospheric Phase Effects of a Digital Antenna Array Communications System
A. Tkacenko
Large Array Channel Capacity in the Presence of Interference
V. Vilnrotter and M. Srinivasan
Uplink Array Calibration via Far-Field Power Maximization
V. Vilnrotter, R. Mukai, and D. Lee
Capacity of the Generalized Pulse-Position Modulation Channel
J. Hamkins, M. Klimesh, R. McEliece, and B. Moision
An Iterative Information-Reduced Quadriphase-Shift-Keyed Carrier Synchronization Scheme Using Decision Feedback for Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio Applications
M. Simon and A. Tkacenko
Ka-Band Wide-Bandgap Solid-State Power Amplifier: Prototype Combiner Spurious Mode Suppression and Power Constraints
P. Khan and L. Epp
ICER-3D: A Progressive Wavelet-Based Compressor for Hyperspectral Images
A. Kiely, M. Klimesh, H. Xie, and N. Aranki
Track-Level-Compensation Look-Up Table Improves Antenna Pointing Precision
W. Gawronski, F. Baher, and E. Gama

Volume 42-163 November 15, 2005

A Ka-Band Wide-Bandgap Solid-State Power Amplifier: Architecture Performance Estimates
P. Khan, L. Epp, and A. Silva
Ka-Band Wide-Bandgap Solid-State Power Amplifier: Hardware Validation
L. Epp, P. Khan, and A. Silva
Data-Rate Estimation for Autonomous Receiver Operation
A. Tkacenko and M. K. Simon
Performance Analysis of Direct-Sequence Code-Division Multiple-Access Communications with Asymmetric Quadrature Phase-Shift-Keying Modulation
C.-W. Wang and W. Stark
A Simple Semaphore Signaling Technique for Ultra-High Frequency Spacecraft Communications
S. Butman, E. Satorius, and P. Ilott
Low-Complexity Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery via Adaptive Filtering
M. Klimesh
Semi-Supervised Data Summarization: Using Spectral Libraries to Improve Hyperspectral Clustering
K. L. Wagstaff, H. P. Shu, D. Mazzoni, and R. Castano
A Proposed Frequency Synthesis Approach to Accurately Measure the Angular Position of a Spacecraft
D. S. Bagri
Relocation of Advanced Water Vapor Radiometer 1 to Deep Space Station 55
J. Oswald, L. Riley, A. Hubbard, H. Rosenberger, A. Tanner, S. Keihm, C. Jacobs, G. Lanyi, and C. Naudet

Volume 42-162 August 15, 2005

List of Changes
A Ka-Band Wideband-Gap Solid-State Power Amplifier: Architecture Identification
P. Khan, L. Epp, and A. Silva
Ka-Band Wideband-Gap Solid-State Power Amplifier: General Architecture Considerations
P. Khan, L. Epp, and A. Silva
The SUMPLE Algorithm for Aligning Arrays of Receiving Radio Antennas: Coherence Achieved with Less Hardware and Lower Combining Loss
D. H. Rogstad
Deep-Space Optical Communications Link Availability and Data Volume
A. Biswas and S. Piazzolla
Propagation Loss for Trans-Horizon Interferences in the Regions Surrounding Deep Space Network Complexes
C. Ho, K. Angkasa, P. Kinman, and T. Peng
Development of a Multi-Channel Dielectric Resonator Oscillator for Space Communication Applications
M. S. Dennis, N. R. Mysoor, and B. M. Cook
A Tracking Performance Comparison of the Conventional Data Transition Tracking Loop (DTTL) with the Linear Data Transition Tracking Loop (LDTTL)
M. K. Simon
Turning Fiction Into Non-fiction for Signal-to-Noise Ratio Estimation---The Time-Multiplexed and Adaptive Split-Symbol Moments Estimator
M. Simon and S. Dolinar
Computing the Apparent Elevation of a Near-Earth Spacecraft at Low Elevation Angles for an Arbitrary Refraction Model
R. C. Tausworthe
Determination of Angular Separation Between Spacecraft and Quasars with the Very Long Baseline Array
G. Lanyi, J. Border, J. Benson, V. Dhawan, E. Fomalont, T. Martin-Mur, T. McElrath, J. Romney, and C. Walker
Review of Applications of Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators in Photonics and Nonlinear Optics
A. B. Matsko, A. A. Savchenkov, D. Strekalov, V. S. Ilchenko, and L. Maleki

Volume 42-161 May 15, 2005

Note From the Editor
Preliminary Characterization Results of the Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory Telescope
K. Wilson, A. Vaughan, J. Wu, D. Mayes, J. Maloney, and R. Sobek
Recent Upgrades to the Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory
V. Garkanian and H. Hosseini
Optical Metrology of the Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory 1-Meter Telescope by Means of Hartmann Tests Conducted at the Table Mountain Observatory
A. H. Vaughan and D. Mayes
Improved Optical Communications Performance Using Adaptive Optics with an Avalanche Photodiode Detector
M. W. Wright, M. Srinivasan, and K. Wilson
Performance of the Optical Communication Adaptive Optics Testbed
M. Troy, J. Roberts, S. Guiwits, S. Azevedo, S. Bikkannavar, G. Brack, V. Garkanian, D. Palmer, B. Platt, T. Truong, K. Wallace, and K. Wilson
Application of Genetic and Gradient Descent Algorithms to Wavefront Compensation for the Deep-Space Optical Communications Receiver
R. Mukai, K. Wilson, and V. Vilnrotter
Background Noise Mitigation in Deep-Space Optical Communications Using Adaptive Optics
S. Lee, K. E. Wilson, and M. Troy
Two-Element Optical Array Receiver Concept Demonstration
V. Vilnrotter, C.-W. Lau, K. Andrews, and M. Srinivasan
Adaptive Delay Compensation Algorithms for the Optical Array Receiver
C.-W. Lau, V.Vilnrotter, and M. Srinivasan
Star Tracker-Based Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing Technology for Deep-Space Optical Communications
S. Lee, G. G. Ortiz, and J. W. Alexander
Coded Modulation for the Deep-Space Optical Channel: Serially Concatenated Pulse-Position Modulation
B. Moision and J. Hamkins
Reduced Complexity Decoding of Coded Pulse-Position Modulation Using Partial Statistics
B. Moision and J. Hamkins
Multipulse Pulse-Position Modulation on Discrete Memoryless Channels
J. Hamkins and B. Moision
A Field-Programmable Gate Array Implementation of the Serially Concatenated Pulse-Position Modulation Decoder
M. K. Cheng, M. A. Nakashima, J. Hamkins, B. E. Moision, and M. Barsoum
Decision-Directed Slot Synchronization for Pulse-Position-Modulated Optical Signals
M. Srinivasan, V. Vilnrotter, and C. Lee
Optical Communication System with Range and Attitude Measurement Capability
J. M. Kovalik, W. H. Farr, C. Esproles, and H. Hemmati
Development of an End-to-End Model for Free-Space Optical Communications
H. Hemmati
Characterization of a High-Power Fiber Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) Laser as an Optical Communications Transmitter
M. W. Wright, D. Zhu, and W. Farr
Optical Vector Receiver Operating Near the Quantum Limit
V. A. Vilnrotter and C.-W. Lau
Optical Receiver for Coherently Detected Pulse-Position Modulated Signals in the Presence of Atmospheric Turbulence
M. Munoz Fernandez and V. A. Vilnrotter

Volume 42-160 February 15, 2005

An Architecture for the Electronics of an Uplink Array
L. R. D'Addario
Estimates of Atmosphere-Induced Gain Loss for the Deep Space Network Array
L. R. D'Addario
Radio Frequency Optics Design of the 12-Meter Antenna for the Array-Based Deep Space Network
W. A. Imbriale
Interference Estimate from the Deep Space Network High-Power Transmitter at Goldstone with Nearby Third-Generation Mobile Users at 2 Gigahertz
C. Ho
Spectral Ringing Artifacts in Hyperspectral Image Data Compression
M. Klimesh, A. Kiely, H. Xie, and N. Aranki
Validating Rover Image Prioritizations
R. Castano, K. Wagstaff, L. Song, and R. C. Anderson
A Rectangular Constellation-Based Blind Equalization Technique
E. Satorius
New Empirically Derived Solar Radiation Pressure Model for Global Positioning System Satellites During Eclipse Seasons
Y. Bar-Sever and D. Kuang

Volume 42-159 November 15, 2004

List of Changes
Optimizing the Antenna Size for the Deep Space Network Array
J. I. Statman, D. S. Bagri, C. S. Yung, S. Weinreb, and B. E. MacNeal
An Overview of the Architecture of an Autonomous Radio
J. Hamkins, M. Simon, S. Dolinar, D. Divsalar, andH. Shirani-Mehr
Data Format Classification for Autonomous Radio Receivers
M. Simon and D. Divsalar
Improving Signal-to-Noise Ratio Estimation for Autonomous Receivers
M. Simon and S. Dolinar
Design of Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) Codes for Deep Space Applications
K. Andrews, S. Dolinar, D. Divsalar, and J. Thorpe
Selecting the Golomb Parameter in Rice Coding
A. Kiely
New Empirically Derived Solar Radiation Pressure Model for Global Positioning System Satellites
Y. Bar-Sever and D. Kuang
Gas Frequency Shifts in Microwave Mercury Ion Clocks
S. K. Chung, J. D. Prestage, R. L. Tjoelker, and L. Maleki
A 32-Gigahertz Traveling-Wave Maser Design
J. Shell and R. Clauss
Control and Pointing Challenges of Antennas and (Radio) Telescopes
W. Gawronski
Updating Navigation Software for Ka-Band Observables -- A Progress Report
N. A. Mottinger

Volume 42-158 August 15, 2004

Adaptive Optics Communications Performance Analysis
M. Srinivasan, V. Vilnrotter, M. Troy, and K. Wilson
Discrete-Time Demodulator Architectures for Free-Space Broadband Optical Pulse-Position Modulation
A. A. Gray and C. Lee
Amplitude Scintillation due to Atmospheric Turbulence for the Deep Space Network Ka-Band Downlink
C. Ho and A. Wheelon
Power Spectrum of Atmospheric Scintillation for the Deep Space Network Goldstone Ka-Band Downlink
C. Ho and A. Wheelon
Design and Performance of a Miniature Radar L-Band Transceiver
D. McWatters, D. Price, and W. Edelstein
Using Trained Pixel Classifiers to Select Images of Interest
D. Mazzoni, K. Wagstaff, and R. Castano
Measurements and Calibration of Tropospheric Delay at Goldstone from the Cassini Media Calibration System
S. J. Keihm, A. Tanner, and H. Rosenberger
Antenna Cluster for Spacecraft High Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP) Applications
R. C. Clauss, R. B. Lovick, N. R. Mysoor, and J. Zitzelberger
Antenna Linear-Quadratic-Gaussian (LQG) Controllers: Properties, Limits of Performance, and Tuning Procedure
W. Gawronski

Volume 42-157 May 15, 2004

Note From the Editor
Introduction to This Special Issue on Array Developments in the Deep Space Network
M. S. Gatti
Science Applications of Large Deep Space Network Arrays
D. L. Jones and M. J. Connally
The Deep Space Network Large Array
M. S. Gatti
A Proposed Array System for the Deep Space Network
D. S. Bagri
Geometric Configuration Constraints for Large Deep Space Network Arrays
D. L. Jones
The Effect of Atmospheric Phase Fluctuations on Uplink Arraying
D. S. Bagri
Radio Frequency Optics Design of the Deep Space Network Large Array 6-Meter Breadboard Antenna
W. A. Imbriale and R. Abraham
The 6-Meter Breadboard Antenna for the Deep Space Network Large Array
W. A. Imbriale, S. Weinreb, A. Feria, C. Porter, D. Hoppe, and M. Britcliffe
Simultaneous 8- to 9-GHz and 30- to 40-GHz Feed for the Deep Space Network Large Array
D. J. Hoppe and H. Reilly
Cryogenic Design of the Deep Space Network Large Array Low-Noise Amplifier System
M. J. Britcliffe, T. R. Hanson, and M. M. Franco
Signal Processing in the Deep Space Array Network
R. Navarro and J. Bunton
Control System of the Array Antenna Test Bed
W. Gawronski and H. Cooper
An Antenna Servo Test Bed for the Deep Space Array Network
H. Cooper
Preliminary Concept of Operations for the Deep Space Array-Based Network
D. S. Bagri and J. I. Statman

Volume 42-156 February 15, 2004

Preliminary Image Compression Results from the Mars Exploration Rovers
A. Kiely and M. Klimesh
Concatenation of Hamming Codes and Accumulator Codes with High-Order Modulations for High-Speed Decoding
D. Divsalar and S. Dolinar
Performance of a Coded Non-Square Quadrature Amplitude Modulation Scheme over Fading Channels
L. Li, D. Divsalar, and S. Dolinar
Performance of Coded Offset Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying (OQPSK) and MIL-STD Shaped OQPSK (SOQPSK) with Iterative Decoding
L. Li and M. K. Simon
Conceptual Design of an Optical Array Receiver, with Preliminary Experimental Results
V. Vilnrotter, K. Andrews, C. Lau, and M. Srinivasan
A Multi-Tiered Safety System for Free-Space Laser Transmission from the Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory
J. P. Wu
Distributed Network Scheduling
B. J. Clement and S. R. Schaffer
Hard Horn Design for Quasi-Optical Power Combining Using Solid-State Power Amplifiers
W. S. Pickens, L. W. Epp, and D. J. Hoppe
Development of the Advanced Deep Space Transponder
B. Cook, M. Dennis, S. Kayalar, J. Lux, and N. Mysoor

Volume 42-155 November 15, 2003

List of Changes
Multi-Pulse Pulse-Position-Modulation Signaling for Optical Communication with Direct Detection
M. K. Simon and V. A. Vilnrotter
Alamouti-Type Space-Time Coding for Free-Space Optical Communication with Direct Detection
M. K. Simon and V. Vilnrotter
Increasing Tracking Bandwidth for Deep-Space Optical Communications Using Linear Accelerometers
S. Lee, G. G. Ortiz, W. Liu, and V. Garkanian
Feasibility Study on Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing Using Earth Thermal Images for Deep-Space Ka-Band and Optical Communications
S. Lee, G. G. Ortiz, W. T. Roberts, and J. W. Alexander
The ICER Progressive Wavelet Image Compressor
A. Kiely and M. Klimesh
Design of an Event-Driven, Random-Access, Windowing CCD-Based Camera
S. P. Monacos, R. K. Lam, A. A. Portillo, D. Q. Zhu, G. G. Ortiz
A One-Liter Mercury Ion Clock for Space and Ground Applications
J. D. Prestage, S. Chung, T. Le, M. Beach, L. Maleki, and R. L. Tjoelker
Noise Temperature of Cascaded Mirrors Having Resistive and Spillover Losses
T. Y. Otoshi
Parametric Evaluation of Lifetime Data
J. Shell

Volume 42-154 August 15, 2003

List of Changes
Deep-Space Optical Communications Downlink Budget from Mars: System Parameters
A. Biswas and S. Piazzolla
Deep-Space Optical Communications Downlink Budget: Modulation and Coding
B. Moision and J. Hamkins
An Optical Array Receiver for Deep-Space Communication through Atmospheric Turbulence
V. Vilnrotter, C.-W. Lau, M. Srinivasan, R. Mukai, and K. Andrews
On the Use of W-Band for Deep-Space Communications
S. Shambayati
A Cross-Correlated Trellis-Coded Quadrature Modulation Representation of MIL-STD Shaped Offset Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
M. K. Simon and L. Li
Generalized Golomb Codes and Adaptive Coding of Wavelet-Transformed Image Subbands
A. Kiely and M. Klimesh
Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) Codes Constructed from Protographs
J. Thorpe
Deep Space Network Receiving Systems' Operating Noise Temperature Measurements
C. T. Stelzried, R. C. Clauss, and S. M. Petty
Noise Temperature due to Reflector Surface Resistivity
T. Y. Otoshi
Phase Calibration Generator
R. Hamell, B. Tucker, and M. Calhoun
Non-Parametric Evaluation of Lifetime Data
J. Shell
Control Systems of the Large Millimeter Telescope
W. Gawronski and K. Souccar

Volume 42-153 May 15, 2003

Direct-to-Earth Communications and Signal Processing for Mars Exploration Rover Entry, Descent, and Landing
E. Satorius, P. Estabrook, J. Wilson, and D. Fort
Frequencies for Mars Local High-Rate Links
D. Hansen, M. Sue, T. Peng, and F. Manshadi
The JPL Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory Test Bed for the Future Optical Deep Space Network
K. E. Wilson, N. Page, J. Wu, and M. Srinivasan
Cost and Performance Comparison of an Earth-Orbiting Optical Communication Relay Transceiver and a Ground-Based Optical Receiver Subnet
K. E. Wilson, M. Wright, R. Cesarone, J. Ceniceros, and K. Shea
The Guruswami-Sudan Decoding Algorithm for Reed-Solomon Codes
R. J. McEliece
Techniques for Onboard Prioritization of Science Data for Transmission
R. Castano, R. C. Anderson, T. Estlin, D. DeCoste, F. Fisher,D. Gaines, D. Mazzoni, and M. Judd
Solar Corona Amplitude Scintillation Modeling and Comparison to Measurements at X-Band and Ka-Band
D. Morabito
Control System of the Beam-Waveguide Antenna Subreflector: Current Performance and Proposed Upgrades
W. Gawronski and A. Sehic

Volume 42-152 February 15, 2003

Laboratory Characterization and Modeling of a Near-Infrared Enhanced Photomultiplier Tube
A. Biswas and W. H. Farr
Cavity-Dumped Communication Laser Design
W. T. Roberts
Quantum Detection of Binary and Ternary Signals in the Presence of Thermal Noise Fields
V. A. Vilnrotter and C.-W. Lau
Plan for Safe Laser Beam Propagation from the Optical Communications Telescope Laboratory
K. E. Wilson, W. T. Roberts, V. Garkanian, F. Battle, R. Leblanc,H. Hemmati, and P. Robles
Terrestrial Propagation of 2-Gigahertz Emissions Transmitted from the Deep Space Network 70-Meter Antenna at Robledo
C. M. Ho, M. K. Sue, T. K. Peng, and E. K. Smith
The Orbital Dynamics Environment of 433 Eros: A Case Study for Future Asteroid Missions
D. J. Scheeres, J. K. Miller, and D. K. Yeomans
Autonomous Formation-Flying Sensor for the StarLight Mission
M. Aung, G. H. Purcell, J. Y. Tien, L. E. Young, L. R. Amaro,J. Srinivasan, M. A. Ciminera, and Y. J. Chong

Volume 42-151 November 15, 2002

List of Changes
Analog Transmission for Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry
J. C. Springett
Mountain-Top-to-Mountain-Top Optical Link Demonstration: Part II
A. Biswas and M. W. Wright
Performance Comparison of Selected Bandwidth-Efficient Coded Modulations
K. Andrews, D. Lee, F. Pollara, and M. Srinivasan
Multiple-Bit Differential Detection of Offset Quadriphase Modulations
M. K. Simon
Radio Losses for Concatenated Codes
S. Shambayati
Multipath Mitigation on In Situ Communication Links
L. Tadjpour and D. Bell
Atmospheric-Induced Amplitude and Phase Fluctuations at Ka-Band
D. D. Morabito
A Spin System Model for Coupled-Cavity Masers
J. Shell
Noise Temperatures and Gain Losses due to Leakage through Deep Space Network Antenna Perforated Panels at and above 32 Gigahertz
T. Y. Otoshi
Single-Loop Antenna Control
W. Gawronski

Volume 42-150 August 15, 2002

List of Changes
Integrated Trajectory and Navigation Design in Unstable Orbital Environments
D. J. Scheeres and M. W. Lo
Some Analytic Integrals of the Averaged Variational Equations for a Thrusting Spacecraft
A. E. Petropoulos
Ka-Band Atmospheric-Induced Temperature Fluctuations
D. D. Morabito
The Spacecraft Communications Blackout Problem Encountered during Passage or Entry of Planetary Atmospheres
D. D. Morabito
Intersymbol Interference in Pulse-Amplitude Modulation Signaling Systems Satisfying a Spectral Mask Constraint
R. McEliece and R. Palanki
Analysis of Energy Consumption for Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Bit-Meter-per-Joule Metric
J. L. Gao
Large-Array Signal Processing for Deep-Space Applications
C. H. Lee, V. Vilnrotter, E. Satorius, Z. Ye, D. Fort, and K.-M. Cheung
Misaligned Antenna Phase-Center Determination Using Measured Phase Patterns
A. Prata, Jr.
Calculation of Antenna System Noise Temperatures at Different Ports - Revisited
T. Y. Otoshi
A Command Preprocessor for Antenna Motion without Overshoots
W. Gawronski
The Paramagnetic Ground State of Ruby - Revisited
J. Shell

Volume 42-148 February 15, 2002

The Media Calibration System for Cassini Radio Science: Part III G. M. Resch, S. J. Keihm, G. E. Lanyi, R. P. Linfield, C. J. Naudet,A. L. Riley, H. W. Rosenberger, and A. B. Tanner
A Stabilized 100-Megahertz and 1-Gigahertz Reference Frequency Distribution for Cassini Radio Science M. Calhoun, R. Sydnor, and W. Diener
Turbo-Decoder Implementation for the Deep Space Network K. Andrews, V. Stanton, S. Dolinar, V. Chen, J. Berner, and F. Pollara
Design and Analysis of a First-Generation Optical Pulse-Position Modulation Receiver V. Vilnrotter, A. Biswas, W. Farr, D. Fort, and E. Sigman
Quantum Detection and Channel Capacity Using State-Space Optimization C.-W. Lau and V. A. Vilnrotter
Maximization of Data Return at X-Band and Ka-Band on the DSN's 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Antennas S. Shambayati
Antenna System Noise-Temperature Calibration Mismatch Errors Revisited T. Y. Otoshi
70-Meter Antenna Tracking and Mode Switching Near the Master Equatorial Keyhole W. Gawronski
Adjacent Band Interference from San Diego Area Transmitters to Goldstone Deep Space Network Receivers Near 2300 Megahertz C. Ho, D. Bathker, M. Sue, and T. Peng
Author Index, 2001

Volume 42-147 November 15, 2001

Autonomously Generating Operations Sequences for a Mars Rover Using Artificial Intelligence-Based Planning R. Sherwood, D. Mutz, T. Estlin, S. Chien, P. Backes, J. Norris, D. Tran,B. Cooper, G. Rabideau, A. Mishkin, and S. Maxwell
Communications with Mars During Periods of Solar Conjunction: Initial Study Results D. Morabito and R. Hastrup
Developing Low-Power Transceiver Technologies for In Situ Communication Applications N. Lay, C. Cheetham, H. Mojaradi, and J. Neal
A Ten-Meter Ground-Station Telescope for Deep-Space Optical Communications: A Preliminary Design M. Britcliffe, D. Hoppe, W. Roberts, and N. Page
Gravity Deformation Measurements of NASA's Deep Space Network 70-Meter Reflector Antennas W. A. Imbriale, M. J. Britcliffe, and M. Brenner
A Study of Deformable-Mirror Performance Versus Actuator Distribution Using an Influence-Function Model D. J. Hoppe
Three Scanning Techniques for Deep Space Network Antennas to Estimate Spacecraft Position W. Gawronski and E. M. Craparo
Development of Ka-Band Inflatable Layered-Lens Technology L. R. Amaro, S. Datthanasombat, A. Prata, Jr., and J. A.Harrell
A 2.5-Kelvin Gifford-McMahon/Joule-Thomson Cooler for Cavity Maser Applications M. Britcliffe, T. Hanson, and J. Fernandez

Volume 42-146 August 15, 2001

List of Changes
Quantum Detection Theory for the Free-Space Channel V. Vilnrotter and C.-W. Lau
A New Entropy Coding Technique for Data Compression A. B. Kiely and M. Klimesh
Memory-Efficient Recursive Interleaved Entropy Coding A. B. Kiely and M. Klimesh
Further Results on a Reduced-Complexity, Highly Power-/Bandwidth-Efficient Coded Feher-Patented Quadrature-Phase-Shift-Keying System with Iterative Decoding M. K. Simon and D. Divsalar
Laboratory Characterization of Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) for Pulse-Position Modulation (PPM) Detection M. Srinivasan, J. Hamkins, B. Madden-Woods, A. Biswas, andJ. Beebe
Radio Frequency Fields in Multiple-Cavity Masers J. Shell
Analysis of a Thick Dichroic Plate with Arbitrarily Shaped Holes W. A. Imbriale
Design and Analysis of Landing Trajectories and Low-Altitude Asteroid Flyovers D. J. Scheeres
Orbit Determination Uncertainty Distributions and Mappings in an Unstable Halo Orbit D. J. Scheeres, D. Han, and Y. Hou
Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Navigation Using Altimeter Range Observations J. J. Bordi, J. K. Miller, B. G. Williams, and F. J. Pelletier

Volume 42-149 May 15, 2002

Mountain-Top-to-Mountain-Top Optical Link Demonstration: Part I
A. Biswas and M. W. Wright
Constrained Coding for the Deep-Space Optical Channel
B. Moision and J. Hamkins
Data Fusion Algorithms for Collaborative Robotic Exploration
J. Thorpe and R. McEliece
Mars Background Noise Temperatures Received by Spacecraft Antennas
C. Ho, S. Slobin, M. Sue, and E. Njoku
Design and Development of an Inflatable Reflectarray Antenna
H. Fang, M. Lou, J. Huang, L.-M. Hsia, and G. Kerdanyan
New Approaches for Solving the Diagnosis Problem
A. Fijany, F. Vatan, A. Barrett, and R. Mackey
Embedding a Water Vapor Radiometer in a Deep Space Network Ka-Band Beam-Waveguide Receiver: A Feasibility and Performance Evaluation
A. B. Tanner and J. E. Fernandez
Three Models of Wind-Gust Disturbances for the Analysis of Antenna Pointing Accuracy
W. Gawronski
Achieving Future Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry Gigabits-per-Second Data Rates
J. C. Springett
Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry Ground-Station Segmented Architecture
J. C. Springett
Increasing Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry Sensitivity Through Higher Data Rates
J. C. Springett

Volume 42-145 May 15, 2001

Note From the Editor
List of Changes
The Media Calibration System for Cassini Radio Science: Part II
G. M. Resch, J. E. Clark, S. J. Keihm, G. E. Lanyi, C. J. Naudet, A. L. Riley, H. W. Rosenberger, and A. B. Tanner
Calibrating Surface Weather Observations to Atmospheric Attenuation Measurements
B. Sanii
Mounting a Water Vapor Radiometer on a DSN Antenna Subreflector: Benefits for Radio Science and Millimeter-Wavelength VLBI
R. Linfield
A Reduced-Complexity, Highly Power-Bandwidth-Efficient Coded Feher-Patented Quadrature-Phase-Shift-Keying System with Iterative Decoding
M. K. Simon and D. Divsalar
Further Results on Bandwidth-Efficient Trellis-Coded Modulation with Prescribed Decoding Delay
M. K. Simon, S. Darden, and M. Fong
Measured Sun Noise Temperatures at 32 Gigahertz
T. Y. Otoshi
Development of a 7.2-, 8.4-, and 32-Gigahertz (X-/X-/Ka-Band) Three-Frequency Feed for the Deep Space Network
P. H. Stanton, D. J. Hoppe, and H. Reilly
The Sensitivity of Main-Reflector-Distortion Compensation to Deformable-Mirror Position
D. J. Hoppe
Open- and Closed-Loop Analysis of the 70-Meter Antenna Subreflector Positioner
F. Baher
Determination of 70-Meter Antenna Elevation-Axis Inertia
J. Sommerville
Noise-Temperature Measurements of Deep Space Network Dichroic Plates at 8.4 Gigahertz
M. J. Britcliffe and J. E. Fernandez
The Effects of Water on the Noise-Temperature Contribution of Deep Space Network Microwave Feed Components
M. J. Britcliffe and R. C. Clauss
Main-Reflector Manufacturing Technology for the Deep Space Optical Communications Ground Station
M. J. Britcliffe and D. J. Hoppe

Volume 42-144 February 15, 2001

Iterative Turbo Decoder Analysis Based on Density Evolution
D. Divsalar, S. Dolinar, and F. Pollara
A Generalized Pre-Processor for Block and Convolutionally Coded Signals
V. Vilnrotter, C. Lee, and N. Lay
Hardware Implementation of a Lossless Image Compression Algorithm Using a Field Programmable Gate Array
M. Klimesh, V. Stanton, and D. Watola
Avalanche Photodiode Arrays for Optical Communications Receivers
M. Srinivasan and V. Vilnrotter
Achieving and Maintaining Deep Space 1 Spacecraft High-Gain Antenna Pointing Control by Data Monitoring and Immediate Corrective Commanding
J. Taylor and P. Ko
Single-Aperture Multiple-Carrier Uplink Using a 20 Kilowatt X-Band Transmitter
T. Cornish
Water Vapor Radiometer-Global Positioning System Comparison Measurements and Calibration of the 20 to 32 Gigahertz Tropospheric Water Vapor Absorption Model
S. J. Keihm, Y. Bar-Sever, and J. Liljegren
Beacon-Based Exception Analysis for Multimissions: Technology for Autonomous Self-Analysis
R. Mackey, M. James, H. Park, and M. Zak
The Gray-Box Approach to Sensor Data Analysis
M. Zak and H. Park
Should the Master Equatorial Be a Slave?
W. Gawronski, H. G. Ahlstrom, Jr., and A. M. Bernardo
Author Index, 2000

Volume 42-143 November 15, 2000

Optical Channel Capacity Sensitivity
J. Hamkins, S. Dolinar, and D. Divsalar
Deep-Space Optical Reception Antenna (DSORA): Aperture Versus Quality
J. V. Sandusky, D. J. Hoppe, and M. J. Britcliffe
Mercury-Ion Clock Based on a Linear Multi-Pole Ion Trap
J. D. Prestage, R. L. Tjoelker, and L. Maleki
Cryocooled Sapphire Oscillator Operating Above 35 K
G. J. Dick and R. T. Wang
Common-Source Phase Error of a Dual-Mixer Stability Analyzer
C. A. Greenhall
The Media Calibration System for Cassini Radio Science: Part I
C. Naudet, C. Jacobs, S. Keihm, G. Lanyi, R. Linfield,G. Resch, L. Riley, H. Rosenberger, and A. Tanner
Embedding a Water Vapor Radiometer in a DSN Antenna: Experimental Results From DSS 13
A. B. Tanner
Tracking Performance of Adaptive Array Feed Algorithms for 70-Meter DSN Antennas
R. Mukai, V. Vilnrotter, and P. Arabshahi
Open- and Closed-Loop Dynamics of the High-Efficiency Antenna Subreflector
M. B. Kuczenski and W. Gawronski
A Method and a Graphical User Interface for the Creation of an Azimuth-Track-Level Look-Up Table
E. Maneri and W. Gawronski
Pointing-Error Measurements of the Master Equatorial Instrument
J. Liu and D. Girdner
Tilts of the Master Equatorial Tower
H. G. Ahlstrom, Jr., W. Gawronski, D. Girdner, E. Noskoff, and J. N. Sommerville
Determination of the Follow-up Receiver Noise-Temperature Contribution
T. Y. Otoshi
Efficiency Improvement of the Three-Meter Ka-Band Inflatable Reflectarray Antenna
J. Huang

Volume 42-142 August 15, 2000

List of Changes
Space Very Long Baseline Interferometry (SVLBI) Mission Operations
V. Altunin, K. Miller, D. Murphy, J. Smith, and R. Wietfeldt
A Navigation Model of the Continuous Outgassing Field Around a Comet
D. J. Scheeres, S. Bhargava, and A. Enzian
The 1998 Mars Global Surveyor Solar Corona Experiment
D. Morabito, S. Shambayati, S. Butman, D. Fort, and S. Finley
Design of an Opto-Electronic Receiver for Deep-Space Optical Communications
G. G. Ortiz, J. V. Sandusky, and A. Biswas
Preliminary Results of an Upgraded Atmospheric Visibility Monitoring Station
B. Sanii, A. Datta, D. Tsiang, J. Wu, and A. Biswas
Characterization of a High-Speed, High-Power Semiconductor Master-Oscillator Power-Amplifier (MOPA) Laser as a Free-Space Transmitter
M. W. Wright
Capacity of Pulse-Position Modulation (PPM) on Gaussian and Webb Channels
S. Dolinar, D. Divsalar, J. Hamkins, and F. Pollara
Stopping Rules for Turbo Decoders
A. Matache, S. Dolinar, and F. Pollara
A 32-Gigahertz Coupled-Cavity Maser Design
J. S. Shell and R. C. Clauss
Interference Effects of Deep Space Network Transmitters on IMT-2000/UMTS Receivers at S-Band
C. Ho, M. Sue, T. Peng, P. Kinman, and H. Tan
Experimental Verification of Predicted Sources of G/T Improvement for the DSS-13 Beam-Waveguide Antenna
T. Y. Otoshi, W. Veruttipong, J. Sosnowski, and R. Cirillo, Jr.

Volume 42-141 May 15, 2000

List of Changes
Ground-to-Ground Optical Communications Demonstration
A. Biswas and S. Lee
Adaptive Detector Arrays for Optical Communications Receivers
V. Vilnrotter and M. Srinivasan
Ceramic Waveguides
C. Yeh, F. Shimabukuro, P. Stanton, V. Jamnejad, W. Imbriale, andF. Manshadi
Improved Carrier Tracking for Low-Threshold Telemetry Using a Smoother
W. J. Hurd and A. Mileant
Computationally Intelligent Array Feed Tracking Algorithms for Large DSN Antennas
R. Mukai, V. Vilnrotter, P. Arabshahi, and V. Jamnejad
An Improved X-Band Maser System for Deep Space Network Applications
M. Britcliffe, T. Hanson, and J. Fernandez
A Demonstration of Dual K-Band Frequency Radiometry With the Deep Space Network 70-Meter Antennas
G. Lanyi and C. Naudet
Altimeter Range Processing Analysis for Spacecraft Navigation About Small Bodies
J. J. Bordi, P. G. Antreasian, J. K. Miller, and B. G. Williams
A Comparison of Close-Proximity Operations at Asteroids and Comets
D. J. Scheeres
Development of a Bird Net Cover for DSN Beam-Waveguide Antennas
T. Y. Otoshi, W. Veruttipong, and J. Sosnowski
A High-Q Millimeter-Wave Dielectric-Resonator Bandpass Filter Using Whispering-Gallery Modes
Y. Ji, X. S. Yao, and L. Maleki

Volume 42-140 February 15, 2000

Telecommunications Analysis for "Faster, Better, Cheaper" Deep Space Flight Planning and Operations: The Deep Space 1 (DS1) Experience
K.-M. Cheung, A. Makovsky, and J. Taylor
A Multimission Deep-Space Telecommunications Analysis Tool: The Telecom Forecaster Predictor
K. K. Tong and R. H. Tung
Analysis and Optimization of the Performance of a Convolutionally Encoded Deep-Space Link in the Presence of Spacecraft Oscillator Phase Noise
S. Shambayati
Mutual Interference of Ranging and Telemetry
P. W. Kinman, M. K. Sue, T. K. Peng, and J. F. Weese
A Comparison of the Performances of Coherent Binary-Phase-Shift Keying (BPSK) and Offset Quadrature-Phase-Shift Keying (OQPSK) in the Presence of Interference
M. K. Simon and S. Darden
Computational Methods and Theoretical Results for the Ka-Band Array Feed Compensation System-Deformable Flat Plate Experiment at DSS 14
W. A. Imbriale and D. J. Hoppe
Noise Temperature of a Lossy Flat-Plate Reflector for the Elliptically Polarized Wave Case
T. Y. Otoshi and C. Yeh
Noise Temperature and Gain Loss due to Paints and Primers on DSN Antenna Reflector Surfaces
T. Y. Otoshi, Y. Rahmat-Samii, R. Cirillo, Jr., and J. Sosnowski
Linear Quadratic Gaussian Controller Design Using a Graphical User Interface: Application to the Beam-Waveguide Antennas
E. Maneri and W. Gawronski
Author Index, 1999

Volume 42-139 November 15, 1999

Note From the Editor
A Simple Tight Bound on Error Probability of Block Codes with Application to Turbo Codes
D. Divsalar
Quantization Considerations for Distortion-Controlled Data Compression
M. Klimesh
A Joint Receiver-Decoder for Convolutionally Coded Binary Phase-Shift Keying (BPSK)
J. Hamkins
Performance of Coherent Binary Phase-Shift Keying (BPSK) with Costas-Loop Tracking in the Presence of Interference
M. K. Simon
Carrier Synchronization for Low Signal-to-Noise Ratio Binary Phase-Shift-Keyed Modulated Signals
V. Vilnrotter, A. Gray, and C. Lee
Demonstration and Evaluation of the Ka-Band Array Feed Compensation System on the 70-Meter Antenna at DSS 14
V. Vilnrotter and D. Fort
Data Analysis and Results of the Ka-Band Array Feed Compensation System-Deformable Flat Plate Experiment at DSS 14
P. Richter, M. Franco, and D. Rochblatt
Optimization of a Deep-Space Ka-Band Link Using Atmospheric-Noise-Temperature Statistics
S. Shambayati
Azimuth-Track-Level Compensation to Reduce Blind-Pointing Errors of the Beam-Waveguide Antennas
W. Gawronski, F. Baher, and O. Quintero
Modifications of the Torque-Bias Profile for Improved Tracking of Beam-Waveguide Antennas
W. Gawronski, J. J. Brandt, H. G. Ahlstrom, Jr., and E. Maneri
Measurements of Complex Dielectric Constants of Paints and Primers for DSN Antennas: Part II
T. Y. Otoshi, R. Cirillo, Jr., and J. Sosnowski

Volume 42-138 August 15, 1999

Progress in Design and Construction of the Optical Communications Laser Laboratory
K. E. Wilson, M. Britcliffe, and N. Golshan
An Analysis of Heterodyne Pulse-Position Modulation Communication Systems Over Unguided, Turbulent Optical Channels
K. Kiasaleh and T.-Y. Yan
Performance of Binary Turbo-Coded 256-ary Pulse-Position Modulation
J. Hamkins
The Capacity of Avalanche Photodiode-Detected Pulse-Position Modulation
J. Hamkins
Comparative Deep-Space Link Performance
J. W. Layland
Micro Communications and Avionics Systems First Prototype (MCAS1): A Low Power, Low Mass In Situ Transceiver
M. Agan, A. Gray, E. Grigorian, D. Hansen, E. Satorius, and C. Wang
Deep Space Terminal Demonstration
L. Paal, N. Golshan, F. Fisher, E. Law, W. Veruttipong, and M. Stockett
Design and Performance of the Monopulse Pointing System of the DSN 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Antennas
M. A. Gudim, W. Gawronski, W. J. Hurd, P. R. Brown, and D. M. Strain
Performance of a 12-Kilometer Photonic Link for X-Band Antenna Remoting in NASA's Deep Space Network
W. Shieh, G. Lutes, S. Yao, L. Maleki, and J. Garnica
An Estimate of Interference Effect From the Los Angeles Area High-Density Fixed Services (HDFS) on the Goldstone DSN Receiver Above 30 GHz: Monte Carlo Simulation
C. Ho, M. Sue, and C. Ruggier
An Automation Language for Managing Operations (ALMO) in the Deep Space Network
P. F. Santos and P. Pechkam
Measurements of Complex Dielectric Constants of Paints and Primers for DSN Antennas: Part I
T. Y. Otoshi, R. Cirillo, Jr., and J. Sosnowski

Volume 42-137 May 15, 1999

The Mars Global Surveyor Ka-Band Link Experiment (MGS/KaBLE-II)
D. Morabito, S. Butman, and S. Shambayati
Increased Suppressed-Carrier Telemetry Return by Means of Frequent Changes in Bit Rate During a Tracking Pass
M. K. Sue, A. Mileant, J. F. Weese, J. B. Berner, P. W. Kinman, and H. H. Tan
Regenerative Pseudo-Noise Ranging for Deep-Space Applications
J. B. Berner, J. M. Layland, P. W. Kinman, and J. R. Smith
Performance Evaluation and Interpretation of Unfiltered Feher-Patented Quadrature-Phase-Shift Keying (FQPSK)
M. K. Simon and T.-Y. Yan
The Combined Effect of Modulator Imbalances and Amplifier Nonlinearity on the Performance of Offset Quadrature-Phase-Shift-Keyed (OQPSK) Systems
H. Tsou
The Generalized Autocovariance: A Tool for Clock Noise Statistics
C. A. Greenhall
Precise Real-Time Low-Earth-Orbiter Navigation With the Global Positioning System (GPS)
W. Bertiger, B. Haines, D. Kuang, M. Lough, S. Lichten, R. J. Muellerschoen, Y. Vigue-Rodi, and S.Wu
Voltage Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) Nonlinearity Resulting From Incoherent Summations
S. T. Lowe
Design and Performance of the Monopulse Control System
W. Gawronski and M. A. Gudim
Temperature Testing of the New S-Band Transmitter Filter for DSS 54
R. Cirillo and W. Veruttipong

Volume 42-136 February 15, 1999

NASA's Deep-Space Telecommunications Road Map
C. D. Edwards, Jr., C. T. Stelzried, L. J. Deutsch, and L. Swanson
Preliminary Downlink Design and Performance Assessment for Advanced Radio Interferometry Between Space and Earth (ARISE)
T.-Y. Yan, C. C. Wang, A. Gray, H. Hemmati, A. Mittskus, N. Golshan, and M. Noca
Synchronization Markers for Error Containment in Compressed Data
A. Kiely, S. Dolinar, M. Klimesh, and A. Matache
Trellis-Coded Quadrature-Phase-Shift Keying (QPSK) With Variable Overlapped Raised-Cosine Pulse Shaping
M. K. Simon, P. Arabshahi, and M. Srinivasan
Maximum-Likelihood-Based Acquisition and Tracking Scheme for Downlink Optical Telemetry
H. Tsou and T.-Y. Yan
Tracking Performance Analysis and Simulation of the Digital Pointing System for the Optical Communication Demonstrator
C. Racho and A. Portillo
Mars Rover Antenna for Solar-Array Integration
J. Huang
Command Preprocessor for the Beam-Waveguide Antennas
W. Gawronski
Author Index, 1998

Volume 42-135 November 15, 1998

Note From the Editor
A Dual-Loop Opto-Electronic Oscillator
X. S. Yao, L. Maleki, Y. Ji, G. Lutes, and M. Tu
Recent Results With Coupled Opto-Electronic Oscillators
X. S. Yao, L. Maleki, C. Wu, L. Davis, and S. Forouhar
An Earth-to-Deep-Space Optical Communications System With Adaptive Tilt and Scintillation Correction Using Near-Earth Relay Mirrors
J. W. Armstrong, C. Yeh, and K. E. Wilson
Design and Performance of the DSS-14 Antenna Controller
W. Gawronski, H. G. Ahlstrom, Jr., and A. B. Bernardo
A Noise-Temperature Measurement System Using a Cryogenic Attenuator
J. E. Fernandez
The Effect of Phase and Amplitude Imbalance on the Performance of Offset Quadrature Phase-Shift-Keyed (OQPSK) Communication Systems
H. Tsou
Flexible Carrier Loop Design for the Spacecraft Transponding Modem (STM)
J. B. Berner, J. M. Layland, and P. W. Kinman
Receiver Structure and Performance for Trellis-Coded Pulse-Position Modulation in Optical Communication Systems
M. Srinivasan
T-PPM: A Novel Modulation Scheme for Optical Communication Systems Impaired by Pulse-Width Inaccuracies
K. Kiasaleh and T.-Y. Yan

Volume 42-134 August 15, 1998

Autonomous Formation Flyer (AFF) Sensor Technology Development
G. Purcell, D. Kuang, S. Lichten, S.-C. Wu, and L. Young
Remote Operations of the Deep Space Network Radio Science Subsystem
J. Caetta, S. Asmar, S. Abbate, M. Connally, and G. Goltz
Design of a Cryocooled Sapphire Oscillator for the Cassini Ka-Band Experiment
G. J. Dick and R. T. Wang
On the Design of Concatenated Coding Systems With Interleavers
D. Divsalar and R. J. McEliece
Power Spectrum of MSK-Type Modulations in the Presence of Data Imbalance
M. K. Simon, P. Arabshahi, L. Lam, and T.-Y. Yan
Symbol-Error Probabilities for Pulse-Position Modulation Signaling With an Avalanche Photodiode Receiver and Gaussian Thermal Noise
M. Srinivasan and V. Vilnrotter
Phase Calibration Tone Processing With the Block II VLBI Correlator
C. S. Jacobs
Spectral Analysis Tool (SAT) for Radio-Frequency Interference Analysis and Spectrum Management
V. Y. Lo, F. Chen, and J. Rucker

Volume 42-133 May 15, 1998

Note From the Editor
Deep Space Network Support for the Galileo Mission to Jupiter: Jupiter Orbital Operations From Post-Jupiter Orbit Insertion Through the End of the Prime Mission
P. E. Beyer, B. G. Yetter, R. G. Torres, and D. J. Mudgway
The JPL Extragalactic Radio Reference Frame: Astrometric Results of 1978-96 Deep Space Network VLBI
C. S. Jacobs, O. J. Sovers, C. J. Naudet, R. F. Coker, and R. P. Branson
Designing Optimal Bandwidth Synthesis Arrays for VLBI
P. W. Gorham
Determination of the Tropospheric Fluctuation Coefficients in VLBI Parameter Estimates
G. Lanyi
Concepts for Automated, Precise Low Earth Orbiter Navigation With the Global Positioning System
S. M. Lichten, C. L. Thornton, L. E. Young, and T. P. Yunck
The Power Spectrum of Pulse-Position Modulation With Dead Time and Pulse Jitter
V. A. Vilnrotter, M. K. Simon, and T.-Y. Yan
Performance of the Optimum Receiver for Pulse-Position Modulation Signals With Avalanche Photodiode Statistics
M. Srinivasan and V. Vilnrotter
Analysis of Radio Frequency Interference to the Deep Space Network From a Constellation of Low Earth Orbit Satellites
H. Kuo
Carrier Synchronization of Offset Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying
M. K. Simon
Code Performance as a Function of Block Size
S. Dolinar, D. Divsalar, and F. Pollara
Summary of Goldstone Orbital Debris Observations: October 1996 to May 1997
R. M. Goldstein

Volume 42-132 February 15, 1998

Ka-Band Atmospheric Noise-Temperature Measurements at Goldstone, California, Using a 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Antenna
D. Morabito, R. Clauss, and M. Speranza
An Intelligent Fault Detection and Isolation Architecture for Antenna Arrays
K. Rahnamai, P. Arabshahi, T.-Y. Yan, T. Pham, and S. G. Finley
Effect of Antenna-Pointing Errors on Phase Stability and Interferometric Delay
P. W. Gorham and D. J. Rochblatt
Interactions Between Ground-Based and Autonomous Navigation for Precision Landing at Small Solar-System Bodies
D. J. Scheeres
DSN In-Band Continuous-Wave Radio Frequency Interference-Suppression Techniques
H. Tsou and M. Srinivasan
Acquisition Performance Comparison of the Generalized Maximum A Posteriori Symbol Synchronizer Versus the Data-Transition Tracking Loop
L. V. Lam, T.-Y. Yan, M. K. Simon, and W. L. Martin
Cassini as a Narrowband Detector of Gravitational Radiation
M. Tinto
High Power-Low Noise Facility Development
T. Y. Otoshi, H. F. Reilly, P. H. Stanton, and P. R. Lee
Author Index, 1997

Volume 42-131 November 15, 1997

Mars Pathfinder Entry, Descent, and Landing Communications
G. E. Wood, S. W. Asmar, T. A. Rebold, and R. A. Lee
The True Performance of the Simplified Data-Transition Tracking Loop
M. K. Simon
On the Power Spectrum of Digital Frequency-Modulated Signals
M. K. Simon
On the Power Spectrum of Angle-Modulated Phase-Shift-Keyed Signals Corrupted by Intersymbol Interference
M. K. Simon
False Lock Performance of I-Q Costas Loops for Pulse-Shaped Binary Phase Shift Keying
M. K. Simon
An All-Digital, High Data-Rate Parallel Receiver
M. Srinivasan, C.-C. Chen, G. Grebowsky, and A. Gray
MicroGPS for Low-Cost Orbit Determination
S. C. Wu, W. I. Bertiger, D. Kuang, S. M. Lichten, S. Nandi, L. J. Romans, and J. M. Srinivasan
Neptune Revisited: Synthesizing Coherent Doppler From Voyager's Noncoherent Downlink
T. A. Rebold, M. Tinto, S. W. Asmar, and E. R. Kursinski
VLBI DSN Flux Density Observations From 1989 to 1996 of 290 Extragalactic Radio Sources
R. F. Coker, C. S. Jacobs, and L. E. Iriks
Results of the Compensated Earth-Moon-Earth Retroreflector Laser Link (CEMERLL) Experiment
K. E. Wilson, P. R. Leatherman, R. Cleis, J. Spinhirne, and R. Q. Fugate

Volume 42-130 August 15, 1997

The Evolution of Technology in the Deep Space Network: A History of the Advanced Systems Program
J. W. Layland and L. L. Rauch
A New Approach in Spacecraft Monitoring for Efficient Use of the Deep Space Network
M. K. Sue, T. Peng, and E. J. Wyatt
Comparison of Global Positioning System and Water Vapor Radiometer Wet Tropospheric Delay Estimates
R. Linfield, Y. Bar-Sever, P. Kroger, and S. Keihm
Automated Generation of Antenna Tracking Plans: A Knowledge-Based Approach
S. Chien, A. Govindjee, F. Fisher, T. Estlin, X. Wang, and R. Hill, Jr.
A Simple Algorithm for Automated High-Efficiency Tracking
K.-M. Cheung
Hybrid Concatenated Codes and Iterative Decoding
D. Divsalar and F. Pollara
Iterative Information-Reduced Carrier Synchronization Using Decision Feedback for Low SNR Applications
M. K. Simon and V. A. Vilnrotter
The Effect of Phase and Amplitude Imbalance on the Performance of BPSK/QPSK Communication Systems
H. Tsou

Volume 42-129 May 15, 1997

List of Changes
Accuracy of Earth Orientation Parameter Estimates and Short-Term Predictions Generated by the Kalman Earth Orientation Filter
S. H. Oliveau and A. P. Freedman
Tone Detection Via Incoherent Averaging of Fourier Transforms to Support the Automated Spacecraft-Monitoring Concept
G. Lanyi and R. Kahn
Microwave Signal Mixing by Using a Fiber-Based Optoelectronic Oscillator for Wavelength Division Multiplexed (WDM) Systems
W. Shieh, S. X. Yao, G. Lutes, and L. Maleki
Characteristic Trends of Ultrastable Oscillators for Radio Science Experiments
S. W. Asmar
Solar Scintillation Effects on Telecommunication Links at Ka-Band and X-Band
Y. Feria, M. Belongie, T. McPheeters, and H. Tan
Compression of Multispectral Images
M. Klimesh
Laboratory and Flight Performance of the Mars Pathfinder (15,1/6) Convolutionally Encoded Telemetry Link
L. Harcke and G. Wood
A New All-Metal Low-Pass Dichroic Plate
W. A. Imbriale
Cammatic: Automated Compensation for DSS-13 Antenna Gravity-Loading Performance Degradation
D. M. Strain, L. S. Alvarez, M. Moore, and S. Stewart
Radio Astronomy Use of Space Research (Deep-Space) Bands in the Shielded Zone of the Moon
B. O. Gutirrez-Luaces

Volume 42-128 February 15, 1997

List of Changes
DSN Station Locations and Uncertainties
W. M. Folkner
Results From Phase-1 and Phase-2 GOLD Experiments
K. Wilson, M. Jeganathan, J. R. Lesh, J. James, and G. Xu
Reduction of ETS-VI Laser Communication Equipment Optical-Downlink Telemetry Collected During GOLD
M. Toyoshima, K. Araki, Y. Arimoto, M. Toyoda, M. Jeganathan, K. Wilson, and J. R. Lesh
Characterization of the Avalanche Photo Diode Detector Used for Optical Communications Experiments With the Japanese ETS-VI
C. Pasqualino
Ephemeris Generation for ETS-VI and Its Effects on Pointing Strategies Adopted for Daytime Acquisition and Tracking
W. M. Owen, Jr., S. D. Gillam, J. W. Young, and D. L. Mayes
Comparative Study of Optical and Radio-Frequency Communication Systems for a Deep-Space Mission
H. Hemmati, K. Wilson, M. K. Sue, L. J. Harcke, M. Wilhelm, C.-C. Chen, J. R. Lesh, Y. Feria, D. Rascoe, F. Lansing, and J. W. Layland
Effects of Symbol Transition Density on Tracking and Acquisition Performance of the Data Transition Tracking Loop at Low Signal-to-Noise Ratios
S. Million and S. M. Hinedi
Performance of Pulse Code Modulation/Phase Modulation Receivers With Nonideal Data
L. Lam and S. Million
Power Spectral Density of Digital Pulse Streams in the Presence of Timing Jitter
M. Z. Win, S. Million, and M. K. Simon
Node Synchronization in the Block III Maximum-Likelihood Convolutional Decoder
J. M. Layland and J. S. Graham
Optimum and Practical Noncausal Smoothing Filters for Estimating Carrier Phase With Phase Process Noise
W. J. Hurd
High-Dynamic Frequency Tracking Using Wavelets
K. Hamdan, H. Tsou, and S. M. Hinedi
Beam Squint Due to Circular Polarization in a Beam-Waveguide Antenna
T. Cwik and V. Jamnejad
Author Index

Volume 42-127 November 15, 1996

List of Changes
Advanced Algorithm and System Development for Cassini Radio Science Tropospheric Calibration
S. J. Keihm and K. A. Marsh
The Problem and Solution of a Twice-a-Day Frame Loss in Galileo's Telemetry
M. Belongie, J. Taylor, D. Rogstad, and R. Lee
Description of Communication System Options for Single-Aperture Multiple-Link (SAML) Mission Support
H. Tsou, S. Million, S. M. Hinedi, T. M. Nguyen, M. K. Simon, W. V. Moore,S. Kayalar, and R. L. Horttor
Residual Versus Suppressed-Carrier Coherent Communications
M. K. Simon and S. Million
Optimum Strategies for Monitoring the Operational Status of a Spacecraft
M. K. Simon, V. Vilnrotter, A. Mileant, and S. Hinedi
A Soft-Input Soft-Output Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) Module to Decode Parallel and Serial Concatenated Codes
S. Benedetto, D. Divsalar, G. Montorsi, and F. Pollara
Noise Bursts and Intermodulation Products Caused by Multiple Carriers at X-Band
B. L. Conroy and D. J. Hoppe
An H Controller With Wind Disturbance Rejection Properties for the DSS-13 Antenna
W. Gawronski

Volume 42-126 August 15, 1996

List of Changes
Record Atomic Frequency Standard Stability With Mercury in a Linear Ion Trap
R. L. Tjoelker, J. D. Prestage, and L. Maleki
Frequency Stability of 1 x 10-13 in a Compensated Sapphire Oscillator Operating Above 77 K
D. G. Santiago, G. J. Dick, and R. T. Wang
A Demonstration of Precise Calibration of Tropospheric Delay Fluctuations With Water Vapor Radiometers
L. P. Teitelbaum, R. P. Linfield, G. M. Resch, S. J. Keihm, and M. J. Mahoney
Estimation of Tropospheric Fluctuations Using GPS Data
C. J. Naudet
Automated Downlink Analysis for the Deep Space Network
D. Watola and J. B. Hampshire II
End-to-End System Consideration of the Galileo Image Compression System
K.-M. Cheung, M. Belongie, and K. Tong
Eigen Theory for Optimal Signal Combining: A Unified Approach
K.-M. Cheung
The Power Spectrum of Unbalanced NRZ and Biphase Signals in the Presence of Data Asymmetry
M. K. Simon and S. Million
Serial Concatenation of Interleaved Codes: Performance Analysis, Design, and Iterative Decoding
S. Benedetto, D. Divsalar, G. Montorsi, and F. Pollara

Volume 42-125 May 15, 1996

Note From the Editor
List of Changes
The Search for Gravitational Waves Via a Xylophone
M. Tinto
Low Earth Orbiter Demonstration Terminal
N. Golshan, W. Rafferty, C. Ruggier, M. Wilhelm, B. Hagerty, M. Stockett, J. Cucchissi, and D. McWatters
The Efficiency Characterization of the DSS-13 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Antenna at Ka-Band (32.0 and 33.7 GHz) and X-Band (8.4 GHz)
D. D. Morabito
Analysis of Array Feed Combining Performance Using Recorded Data
V. Vilnrotter and B. Iijima
The Performance of a Coherent Residual Carrier PSK System Using Hybrid Carrier Phase Synchronization
M. Simon, H. Tsou, S. Hinedi, and K. Hamdan
Precipitation Statistics for the Deep Space Network
S. J. Walter
Recent Ka-Band Weather Statistics for Goldstone and Madrid
L. J. Harcke, P. F. Yi, M. K. Sue, and H. H. Tan
JPL Table Mountain Facility Support of the Ground/Orbiter Lasercomm Demonstration
S. D. Gillam, J. W. Young, and D. R. Sidwell
The Galileo Mission to Jupiter: Interplanetary Cruise Post-Earth-2 Encounter Through Jupiter Orbit Insertion
P. E. Beyer, D. J. Mudgway, and M. M. Andrews
Estimating the Cost for Doing a Cost Estimate
D. S. Remer and H. R. Buchanan

Volume 42-124 February 15, 1996

Note From the Editor
List of Changes
The Effect of Aperture Averaging Upon Tropospheric Delay Fluctuations Seen With a DSN Antenna
R. Linfield
An Overview of the GOLD Experiment Between the ETS-VI Satellite and the Table Mountain Facility
K. E. Wilson
Preliminary Analysis of Fluctuations in the Received Uplink-Beacon-Power Data Obtained From the GOLD Experiments
M. Jeganathan, K. E. Wilson, and J. R. Lesh
Optimum Combining of Residual Carrier Array Signals in Correlated Noises
H. H. Tan, R. Liang, and P.-H. Suen
Channel Capacity of an Array System for Gaussian Channels With Applications to Combining and Noise Cancellation
K.-M. Cheung and V. Vilnrotter
Soft-Output Decoding Algorithms in Iterative Decoding of Turbo Codes
S. Benedetto, D. Divsalar, G. Montorsi, and F. Pollara
Progressive Transmission and Compression of Images
A. B. Kiely
Ka-Band Monopulse Antenna-Pointing Systems Analysis and Simulation
V. Y. Lo
Modeling and Analysis of the DSS-14 Antenna Control System
W. Gawronski and R. Bartos
A Prototype Ka-/Ka-Band Dichroic Plate With Stepped Rectrangular Apertures
J. C. Chen, P. H. Stanton, and H. F. Reilly, Jr.
Sequence-of-Events-Driven Automation of the Deep Space Network
R. Hill, Jr., K. Fayyad, C. Smyth, T. Santos, R. Chen, S. Chien, and R. Bevan
Author Index

Volume 42-123 November 15, 1995

Note From the Editor
List of Changes
Sensitivity of Planetary Cruise Navigation to Earth Orientation Calibration Errors
J. A. Estefan and W. M. Folkner
Wind Gust Models Derived From Field Data
W. Gawronski
A New Model for Yaw Attitude of Global Positioning System Satellites
Y. E. Bar-Sever
A Light-Induced Microwave Oscillator
X. S. Yao and L. Maleki
Optimum Detection of Tones Transmitted by a Spacecraft
M. K. Simon, M. M. Shihabi, and T. Moon
On the Design of Turbo Codes
D. Divsalar and F. Pollara
The Trellis Complexity of Convolutional Codes
R. J. McEliece and W. Lin
System Noise Temperature Investigation of the DSN S-Band Polarization Diverse Systems for the Galileo S-Band Contingency Mission
J. E. Fernandez and D. L. Trowbridge

Volume 42-122 August 15, 1995

Water Vapor Radiometer Measurements of the Tropospheric Delay Fluctuations at Goldstone Over a Full Year
S. J. Keihm
A Test of Water Vapor Radiometer-Based Troposphere Calibration Using VLBI Observations on a 21-Kilometer Baseline
R. P. Linfield, L. P. Teitelbaum, L. J. Skjerve, S. J. Keihm, S. J. Walter,M. J. Mahoney, and R. N. Treuhaft
A Novel Photonic Oscillator
X. S. Yao and L. Maleki
Transfer Function Bounds on the Performance of Turbo Codes
D. Divsalar, S. Dolinar, R. J. McEliece, and F. Pollara
Weight Distributions for Turbo Codes Using Random and Nonrandom Permutations
S. Dolinar and D. Divsalar
Analysis of Automatic Repeat Request Methods for Deep-Space Downlinks
F. Pollara and L. Ekroot
Noncausal Telemetry Data Recovery Techniques
H. Tsou, R. Lee, A. Mileant, and S. Hinedi
Carrier Arraying--Revisited
M. K. Simon
Estimating Errors in Least-Squares Fitting
P. H. Richter
Novel Solutions to Low-Frequency Problems With Geometrically Designed Beam-Waveguide Systems
W. A. Imbriale, M. S. Esquivel, and F. Manshadi
Analysis of Tipping-Curve Measurements Performed at the DSS-13 Beam-Waveguide Antenna at 32 and 8.45 Gigahertz
D. D. Morabito and L. Skjerve
Performance of a Ka-Band Transponder Breadboard for Deep-Space Applications
N. R. Mysoor, J. P. Lane, S. Kayalar, and A. W. Kermode

Volume 42-121 May 15, 1995

Note From the Editor
Determination of the Position of Jupiter From Radio Metric Tracking of Voyager 1
W. M. Folkner and R. J. Haw
Rate Considerations in Deep Space Telemetry
M. Costa, M. Belongie, and F. Pollara
An Efficient Implementation of Forward-Backward Least-Mean-Square Adaptive Line Enhancers
H.-G. Yeh and T. M. Nguyen
Computer Simulation Results for PCM/PM/NRZ Receivers in Nonideal Channels
A. Anabtawi, T. M. Nguyen, and S. Million
The Application of Noncoherent Doppler Data Types for Deep Space Navigation
S. Bhaskaran
Multiple Turbo Codes for Deep-Space Communications
D. Divsalar and F. Pollara
Degradation in Finite-Harmonic Subcarrier Demodulation
Y. Feria, T. Pham, and S. Townes
Towards Optimum Demodulation of Bandwidth-Limited and Low SNR Square-Wave Subcarrier Signals
Y. Feria and W. Hurd
Enhanced Decoding for the Galileo Low-Gain Antenna Mission: Viterbi Redecoding With Four Decoding Stages
S. Dolinar and M. Belongie
Testing the Performance of the Feedback Concatenated Decoder With a Nonideal Receiver
Y. Feria and S. Dolinar
Performance of Residual Carrier Array-Feed Combining in Correlated Noise
H. H. Tan
Minimal Trellises for Linear Block Codes and Their Duals
A. B. Kiely, S. Dolinar, R. J. McEliece, L. Ekroot, and W. Lin
Trellis Complexity Bounds for Decoding Linear Block Codes
A. B. Kiely, S. Dolinar, R. J. McEliece, L. Ekroot, and W. Lin
Residual and Suppressed-Carrier Arraying Techniques for Deep-Space Communications
M. Shihabi, B. Shah, S. Hinedi, and S. Million
A High-Speed Photonic Clock and Carrier Regenerator
X. S. Yao and G. Lutes
Effects of Correlated Noise on the Full-Spectrum Combining and Complex-Symbol Combining Arraying Techniques
P. Vazirani
A Seismic Data Compression System Using Subband Coding
A. B. Kiely and F. Pollara
DSS-24 Microwave Holography Measurements
D. J. Rochblatt, P. M. Withington, and H. J. Jackson
Digital Signal Processing in the Radio Science Stability Analyzer
C. A. Greenhall

Volume 42-120 February 15, 1995

Orbit Determination of Highly Elliptical Earth Orbiters Using Improved Doppler Data-Processing Modes
J. A. Estefan
Seamless Data-Rate Change Using Punctured Convolutional Codes for Time-Varying Signal-to-Noise Ratios
Y. Feria and K.-M. Cheung
Turbo Codes for Deep-Space Communications
D. Divsalar and F. Pollara
CDMA With Interference Cancellation for Multiprobe Missions
D. Divsalar and M. K. Simon
Combining Image-Processing and Image Compression Schemes
H. Greenspan and M.-C. Lee
A Method Using Focal Plane Analysis to Determine the Performance of Reflector Antennas
P. W. Cramer, W. A. Imbriale, and S. R. Rengarajan
On-Wafer, Cryogenic Characterization of Ultra-Low Noise HEMT Devices
J. J. Bautista, J. Laskar, and P. Szydlik
Radio-Science Performance Analysis Software
D. D. Morabito and S. W. Asmar
Analysis of a Microstrip Reflectarray Antenna for Microspacecraft Applications
J. Huang
The Efficiency Calibration of the DSS-24 34-Meter Diameter Beam-Waveguide Antenna
L. S. Alvarez, M. J. Britcliffe, M. M. Franco, S. R. Stewart, and H. J. Jackson
Analysis of a Disk-on-Rod Surface Wave Element Inside a Corrugated Horn Using the Mode-Matching Technique
J. C. Chen
Author Index

Volume 42-119 November 15, 1994

Evaluation of Current Tropospheric Mapping Functions by Deep Space Network Very Long Baseline Interferometry
O. J. Sovers and G. E. Lanyi
An Algorithm for Periodic Signals From Sparse, Irregularly Sampled Data
J. Z. Wilcox
Space VLBI Telecommunications Characteristics, Protection Criteria, and Frequency Sharing
B. O. Gutierrez-Luaces and D. F. Bishop
Radio-Planetary Frame Tie From Phobos-2 VLBI Data
C. E. Hildebrand, B. A. Iijima, P. M. Kroger, W. M. Folkner, and C. D. Edwards
Closed-Loop Carrier Phase Synchronization Techniques Motivated by Likelihood Functions
H. Tsou, S. Hinedi, and M. Simon
On the Application of Under-Decimated Filter Banks
Y.-P. Lin and P. P. Vaidyanathan
A Simplified Integer Cosine Transform and Its Application in Image Compression
M. Costa and K. Tong
Adaptive Line Enhancers for Fast Acquisition
H.-G. Yeh and T. M. Nguyen
Antenna Noise Temperatures of the 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Antenna With Horns of Different Gains Installed at F1
T. Y. Otoshi, P. R. Lee, and M. M. Franco
Low-Complexity Wavelet Filter Design for Image Compression
E. Majani
A Preliminary Optical Visibility Model
K. Cowles and B. M. Levine
Field Verification of the Wind Tunnel Coefficients
W. K. Gawronski and J. A. Mellstrom
Tracking the Galileo Spacecraft With the DSCC Galileo Telemetry Prototype
T. T. Pham, S. Shambayati, D. E. Hardi, and S. G. Finley
Computation of Reflected and Transmitted Horn Radiation Patterns for a Dichroic Plate
J. C. Chen
X-/Ka-Band Dichroic Plate Noise Temperature Reduction
W. Veruttipong and P. Lee
A Model for Analysis of TDA Budget Allocation
D. S. Remer and H. R. Buchanan
RF Optics Study for DSS-43 Ultracone Implementation
P. Lee and W. Veruttipong
JPL-ANTOPT Antenna Structure Optimization Program
D. M. Strain

Volume 42-118 August 15, 1994

Note From the Editor
The Long-Term Forecast of Station View Periods
M. W. Lo
The Stark Anomalous Dispersion Optical Filter: The Theory
B. Yin and T. M. Shay
Convolutional Encoding of Self-Dual Block Codes (II)
G. Solomon and Y. Yin
Spin Glasses and Error-Correcting Codes
M. L. Belongie
Linear Quadratic Gaussian and Feedforward Controllers for the DSS-13 Antenna
W. K. Gawronski, C. S. Racho, and J. A. Mellstrom
A Radio Telescope for the Calibration of Radio Sources at 32 Gigahertz
M. S. Gatti, S. R. Stewart, J. G. Bowen, and E. B. Paulsen
The Block V Receiver Fast Acquisition Algorithm for the Galileo S-Band Mission
M. Aung, W. J. Hurd, C. M. Buu, J. B. Berner, S. A. Stephens, and J. M. Gevargiz
Research and Development Optical Deep Space Antenna Sizing Study
D. Wonica
Pilot Retrofit Test of Refrigerant R-134a for GDSCC
J. Albus, B. Brown, M. Dungao, and G. Spencer
A Trajectory Preprocessor for Antenna Pointing
S. R. Tyler
The Network Operations Control Center Upgrade Task: Lessons Learned
T.-L. Tran, J. S. Sherif, and S. Lee
Low-Earth-Orbiter Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning for the DSN Using LEO4CAST
G. Fox and C. Borden

Volume 42-117 May 15, 1994

The Mars Observer Differential One-Way Range Demonstration
P. M. Kroger, J. S. Border, and S. Nandi
Influence of an Externally Modulated Photonic Link on a Microwave Communications System
X. S. Yao and L. Maleki
Field Demonstration of X-Band Photonic Antenna Remoting in the Deep Space Network
X. S. Yao, G. Lutes, R. T. Logan, Jr., and L. Maleki
The Electrical Conductivities of Candidate Beam-Waveguide Antenna Shroud Materials
T. Y. Otoshi and M. M. Franco
Thin-Ribbon Tapered Coupler for Dielectric Waveguides
C. Yeh, T. Y. Otoshi, and F. I. Shimabukuro
Design and Implementation of a Beam-Waveguide Mirror Control System for Vernier Pointing of the DSS-13 Antenna
L. S. Alvarez, M. Moore, W. Veruttipong, and E. Andres
Use of the Sampling Theorem to Speed Up Near-Field Physical Optics Scattering Calculations
P. W. Cramer and W. A. Imbriale
DSS-13 S-/X-Band Microwave Feed System
F. Manshadi
A 1- to 10-GHz Downconverter for High-Resolution Microwave Survey
D. McWatters
A Closed-Loop Time-Alignment System for Baseband Combining
Y. Feria
Correlator Data Analysis for the Array Feed Compensation System
B. Iijima, D. Fort, and V. Vilnrotter
Trace-Shortened Reed-Solomon Codes
R. J. McEliece and G. Solomon
Maximum-Likelihood Soft-Decision Decoding of Block Codes Using the A* Algorithm
L. Ekroot and S. Dolinar
Bit-Wise Arithmetic Coding for Data Compression
A. B. Keily
Spacecraft-Spacecraft Radio-Metric Tracking: Signal Acquisition Requirements and Application to Mars Approach Navigation
R. D. Kahn, S. Thurman, and C. Edwards
Performance Evaluation of Digital Phase-Locked Loops for Advanced Deep Space Transponders
T. M. Nguyen, S. M. Hinedi, H.-G. Yeh, and C. Kyriacou
The Development and Application of Composite Complexity Models and a Relative Complexity Metric in a Software Maintenance Environment
J. M. Hops and J. S. Sherif
The Real-Time Display of Interferometry Data for Goldstone Radar Astronomy Data Acquisition
S. D. Howard
A New Presentation of Complex Voltage Data for Goldstone Radar Astronomy
S. D. Howard
A 32-GHz Solid-State Power Amplifier for Deep Space Communications
P. D. Wamhof, D. L. Rascoe, K. A. Lee, and F. S. Lansing
The Mars Observer Ka-Band Link Experiment
T. A. Rebold, A. Kwok, G. E. Wood, and S. Butman

Volume 42-116 February 15, 1994

Toward Astrometric Tracking With the Infrared Spatial Interferometer
R. N. Treuhaft, M. Bester, W. C. Danchi, and C. H. Townes
Line-of-Sight Tropospheric Calibration From Measurements in Arbitrary Directions
J. Z. Wilcox
Enhanced Orbit Determination Filter Sensitivity Analysis: Error Budget Development
J. A. Estefan and P. D. Burkhart
Enhanced Orbit Determination Filter: Inclusion of Ground System Errors as Filter Parameters
W. C. Masters, D. J. Scheeres, and S. W. Thurman
Determining Noise Temperatures in Beam Waveguide Systems
W. Imbriale, W. Veruttipong, T. Otoshi, and M. Franco
A Dual-Cavity Ruby Maser for the Ka-Band Link Experiment
J. Shell and R. B. Quinn
The Rb 780-Nanometer Faraday Anomalous Dispersion Optical Filter: Theory and Experiment
B. Yin, L. S. Alvarez, and T. M. Shay
A Digital Combining-Weight Estimation Algorithm for Broadband Sources With the Array Feed Compensation System
V. A. Vilnrotter and E. R. Rodemich
Digital Combining-Weight Estimation for Broadband Sources Using Maximum-Likelihood Estimates
E. R. Rodemich and V. A. Vilnrotter
Convolutional Encoding of Self-Dual Codes
G. Solomon
Optimizing the Galileo Space Communication Link
J. I. Statman
Decoder Synchronization for Deep Space Missions
J. I. Statman, K.-M. Cheung, T. H. Chauvin, J. Rabkin, and M. L. Belongie
A Comparison of Full-Spectrum and Complex-Symbol Combining Techniques for the Galileo S-Band Mission
S. Million, B. Shah, and S. Hinedi
TOPEX/POSEIDON Operational Orbit Determination Results Using Global Positioning Satellites
J. Guinn, J. Jee, P. Wolff, F. Lagattuta, T. Drain, and V. Sierra
Design and Implementation of a Hybrid Digital Phase-Locked Loop With a TMS320C25 - An Application to a Transponder Receiver Breadboard
H.-G. Yeh and T. M. Nguyen
A 32-GHz Microstrip Array Antenna for Microspacecraft Application
J. Huang
Effects of Low Sampling Rate in the Digital Data-Transition Tracking Loop
A. Mileant, S. Million, and S. Hinedi
An Improved Conscan Algorithm Based on a Kalman Filter
D. B. Eldred
A Complex Symbol Signal-to-Noise Ratio Estimator and Its Performance
Y. Feria
X-Band Ultralow-Noise Maser Amplifier Performance
G. W. Glass, G. G. Ortiz, and D. L. Johnson
Simulation of Interference Between Earth Stations and Earth-Orbiting Satellites
D. F. Bishop
Author Index, 1993

Volume 42-115 November 15, 1993

List of Changes
A Review of GPS-Based Tracking Techniques for TDRS Orbit Determination
B. J. Haines, S. M. Lichten, R. P. Malla, and S.-C. Wu
New Approaches for Tracking Earth Orbiters Using Modified GPS Ground Receivers
S. M. Lichten, L. E. Young, S. Nandi, B. J. Haines, C. E. Dunn, and C. D. Edwards
Improved Thermal Force Modelling for GPS Satellites
Y. Vigue, R. E. Schutz, and P. A. M. Abusali
Experimental Modification and Identification of the DSS-13 Antenna Control System Model
C. S. Racho and W. K. Gawronski
Performance of the X-/Ka-/KABLE-Band Dichroic Plate in the DSS-13 Beam Waveguide Antenna
J. C. Chen, P. H. Stanton, and H. F. Reilly
Cryogenic, Low-Noise High Electron Mobility Transistor Amplifiers for the Deep Space Network
J. J. Bautista
Analysis of Open-Loop Conical Scan Pointing Error and Variance Estimators
L. S. Alvarez
Spur-Reduced Digital Sinusoid Synthesis
M. J. Flanagan and G. A. Zimmerman
Box Codes of Lengths 48 and 72
G. Solomon and Y. Jin
Integer Cosine Transform Compression for Galileo at Jupiter: A Preliminary Look
L. Ekroot, S. Dolinar, and K.-M. Cheung
Link Monitor and Control Operator Assistant: A Prototype Demonstrating Semiautomated Monitor and Control
L. F. Lee and L. P. Cooper
Beam-Waveguide Antenna Servo Design Issues for Tracking Low-Earth-Orbiting Satellites
W. K. Gawronski and J. A. Mellstrom
Optical Subnet Concepts for the Deep Space Network
K. Shaik, D. Wonica, and M. Wilhelm

Volume 42-114 August 15, 1993

List of Changes
Radio Metric Errors Due to Mismatch and Offset Between a DSN Antenna Beam and the Beam of a Troposphere Calibration Instrument
R. P. Linfield and J. Z. Wilcox
Improved Treatment of Global Positioning System Force Parameters In Precise Orbit Determination Applications
Y. Vigue, S. M. Lichten, R. J. Muellerschoen, G. Blewitt, and M. B. Heflin
Use of Global Positioning System Measurements to Determine Geocentric Coordinates and Variations In Earth Orientation
R. P. Malla, S.-C. Wu, and S. M. Lichten
Failure Modes of Reduced-Order Orbit Determination Filters and Their Remedies
D. J. Scheeres
Cammatic: An Approach to Improve DSS 13 Antenna Gravity-Loading Performance
R. Levy and D. Strain
A Cryogenic Seven-Element HEMT Front End for DSS 13
J. Bowen and D. Neff
Insertion Loss and Noise-Temperature Contribution of High-Temperature Superconducting Bandpass Filters Centered at 2.3 and 3.45 GHz
J. L. Prater and J. J. Bautista
Coding Performance of the Probe-Orbiter-Earth Communication Link
D. Divsalar, S. Dolinar, and F. Pollara
Exploiting the Cannibalistic Traits of Reed-Solomon Codes
O. Collins
Estimating the Size of Huffman Code Preambles
R. J. McEliece and T. H. Palmatier
Enhanced Decoding for the Galileo S-Band Mission
S. Dolinar and M. Belongie
Stability Measurements of the Radio Science System at the 34-m High-Efficiency Antennas
T. T. Pham, J. C. Breidenthal, T. K. Peng, S. F. Abbate, and S. T. Rockwell
Performance Results of a Digital Test Signal Generator
B. 0. Gutierrez-Luaces, M. Marina, and B. Parham
Formal Functional Test Designs With a Test Representation Language
J. M. Hops
PC4CAST - A Tool for DSN Load Forecasting and Capacity Planning
S. J. Loyola
Asynchronous Transfer Mode Link Performance Over Ground Networks
E. T. Chow and R. W. Markley
An Overview of the Galileo Optical Experlment (GOPEX)
K. E. Wilson and J. R. Lesh
Calibration of the Receiver Channel for the GOPEX Precursor Experiments
A. Biswas
Data Analysis for GOPEX Image Frames
B. M. Levine, K. S. Shaik, and T.-Y. Yan
Telescope Pointing for GOPEX
W. M. Owen, Jr.
Galileo Optical Experiment (GOPEX) Optical Train: Design and Validation at the Table Mountain Facility
J. Yu and M. Shao
GOPEX Laser Transmission and Monitoring Systems
G. Okamoto and K. Masters
GOPEX at the Starfire Optical Range
R. Q. Fugate
Preliminary Design and Implementation of the Baseline Digital Baseband Architecture for Advanced Deep Space Transponders
T. M. Nguyen and H.-G. Yeh
Hardware Design for the Autonomous Visibility Monitoring (AVM) Observatory
K. Cowles
Layout and Cabling Considerations for a Large Communications Antenna Array
R. T. Logan, Jr.
An Initial Study of Using the 34-m Antenna for Lunar Mission Support
A. Cha and P. Cramer
HRMS Sky Survey Wideband Feed System Design for DSS 24 Beam Waveguide Antenna
P. H. Stanton, P. R. Lee, and H. F. Reilly
The Flight Performance of the Galileo Orbiter US0
D. D. Morabito, T. P. Krisher, and S. W. Asmar

Volume 42-113 May 15, 1993

Improved Linear Ion Trap Physics Package
J. D. Prestage
The Effect of Clock, Media, and Station Location Errors on Doppler Measurement Accuracy
J. K. Miller
Precise Tracking of the Magellan and Pioneer Venus Orbiters by Same-Beam Interferometry - Part II: Orbit Determination Analysis
W. M. Folkner, J. S. Border, S. Nandi, and K. S. Zukor
High-Power Ka-Band Amplifier
R. Cormier
Experimental and Modal Verification of an Integral Equation Solution for a Thin-Walled Dichroic Plate With Cross-Shaped Holes
L. W. Epp and P. H. Stanton
Gravity Referenced Elevation Encoder Development
R. E. Goddard
A Note on the Computation of Antenna Blocking Shadows
R. Levy
Maximum and Minimum Return Losses From a Passive Two-Port Network Terminated With a Mismatched Load
T. Y. Otoshi
The General Theory of Convolutional Codes
R. J. McEliece and R. P. Stanley
Uncorrectable Sequences and Telecommand
L. Ekroot, R. J. McEliece, S. Dolinar, and L. Swanson
Galileo Post-Gaspra Cruise and Earth-2 Encounter
P. E. Beyer and M. M. Andrews
DSN Support of Mars Observer
M. R. Traxler
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Losses In Full Spectrum Combining of Signals With a Downconverted Subcarrier
Y. Feria and J. Statman
DSS-14 Subreflector Actuator Dynamics During the Landers Earthquake
R. Levy and D. Strain
An Analysis of the 70-Meter Antenna Hydrostatic Bearing by Means of Computer Simulation
R. D. Bartos
Acoustic Charge Transport Technology Investigation for Advanced Development Transponder
S. Kayalar
The Flight Performance of the Galileo Orbiter USO
D. D. Morabito, T. P. Krisher, and S. W. Asmar

Volume 42-112 February 15, 1993

Feasibility Study of a Ka-/Ka-Band Dichroic Plate With Stepped Rectangular Apertures
J. C. Chen
A Technique for Computation of Noise Temperature Due to a Beam Waveguide Shroud
W. Veruttipong and M. M. Franco
Soft Decoding a Self-Dual (48,24;12) Code
G. Solomon
A (72,36;15) Box Code
G. Solomon
The Analysis of Convolutional Codes via the Extended Smith Algorithm
R. J. McEliece and I. Onyszchuk
Image Coding Via Wavelets
M. Shahshahani
Failure Monitoring in Dynamic Systems: Model Construction Without Fault Training Data
P. Smyth and J. Mellstrom
A Functional Description of the Buffered Telemetry Demodulator
H. Tsou, B. Shah, R. Lee, and S. Hinedi
Symbol Signal-to-Noise Ratio Loss In Square-Wave Subcarrier Downconversion
Y. Feria and J. Statman
Design of the Reduced LQG Compensator for the DSS-13 Antenna
W. Gawronski
Performance Results of a 300-Degree Linear Phase Modulator for Spaceborne Communications Applications
N. R. Mysoor and R. O. Mueller
Management of Space Networks
R. W. Markley and F. Williams
Author Index, 1992

Volume 42-111 November 15, 1992

Subnanosecond GPS-Based Clock Synchronization and Precision Deep-Space Tracking
C. E. Dunn, S. M. Lichten, D. C. Jefferson, and J. S. Border
Precision X-band Radio Doppler and Ranging Navigation: Mars Observer Interplanetary Cruise Scenario
J. A. Estefan and S. W. Thurman
Systems Analysis for Ground-Based Optical Navigation
G. W. Null, W. M. Owen, Jr., and S. P. Synnott
Study of Narrow-Band Dichroic Plates With Circular, Rectangular, or Pyleguide Apertures
J. C. Chen
Analysis and Applications of a General Boresight Algorithm for the DSS-13 Beam Waveguide Antenna
L. S. Alvarez
Atmospheric Refraction Correction for Ka-Band Blind Pointing on the DSS-13 Beam Waveguide Antenna
I. M. Perez-Borroto and L. S. Alvarez
Determination of the Dissipative Loss of a Two-Port Network From Noise Temperature Measurements
T. Y. Otoshi
Self-Dual (48,24;12) Codes
G. Solomon
More Box Codes
G. Solomon
Fault Detection Using a Two-Model Test for Changes in the Parameters of an Autoregressive Time Series
P. Scholtz and P. Smyth
Application of Multirate Digital Filter Banks to Wideband All-Digital Phase-Locked Loops Design
R. Sadr, B. Shah, and S. Hinedi
Correlated Flux Densities From VLBI Observations With the DSN
R. F. Coker
The Effects of Correlated Noise in Intra-Complex DSN Arrays for S-Band Galileo Telemetry Reception
R. J. Dewey
Demonstration of a Joint US-Russian Very Long Baseline Interferometry Tracking Capability
P. M. Kroger, B. A. Iijima, C. D. Edwards, V. Altunin, V. Alexeev, B. Lipalov, and E. Molotov
Adaptive Low-Bandwidth Tracking of Galileo and Pioneer 10 Carriers
D. Watola
Tracking Performance and Cycle Slipping in the All-Digital Symbol Synchronizer Loop of the Block V Receiver
M. Aung
SNR Degradation in Square-Wave Subcarrier Downconversion
Y. Feria and J. Statman
The Use of Subcarriers in Future DSN Missions
M. M. Shihabi, T. M. Nguyen, and S. M. Hinedi
Mathematical Modeling of Bent-Axis Hydraulic Piston Motors
R. D. Bartos
Reducing the Net Torque and Flow Ripple Effects of Multiple Hydraulic Piston Motor Drives
R. D. Bartos
Helium Compressors for Closed-Cycle, 4.5-Kelvin Refrigerators
T. R. Hanson
Minimizing Noise-Temperature Measurement Errors
C. T. Stelzried
Correction of High-Frequency Noise-Temperature Inaccuracies
C. T. Stelzried
Fault Identification Using Multidisciplinary Techniques at the Mars/Uranus Station Antenna Sites, GDSCC
D. S. Santo, M. B. Schluter, and R. J. Shlemon
A Method of Optimal Radio Frequency Assignment for Deep Space Missions
C. J. Ruggier, J. M. Gevargiz, L. H. Truong, and K. S. Suwitra
A 32-GHz Phased Array Transmit Feed for Spacecraft Telecommunications
K. A. Lee, D. L. Rascoe, R. A. Crist, J. Huang, P. D. Wamhof, and F. S. Lansing
A Statistical Model for Evaluating GOPEX Uplink Performance
K. Kiesaleh and T.-Y. Yan
A Model to Compare Performance of Space and Ground Network Support of Low-Earth Orbiters
E. C. Posner
An Analysis of I/O Efficient Order-Statistic-Based Techniques for Noise Power Estimation in the HRMS Sky Survey's Operational System
G. A. Zimmerman and E. T. Olsen

Volume 42-110 August 15, 1992

Precise Tracking of the Magellan and Pioneer Venus Orbiters by Same-Beam Interferometry, Part I: Data Accuracy Analysis
J. S. Border, W. M. Folkner, R. D. Kahn, and K. S. Zukor
Application of High-Precision Two-Way Ranging to Galileo Earth-1 Encounter Navigation
V. M. Pollmeier and S. W. Thurman
The Effect of Tropospheric Fluctuations on the Accuracy of Water Vapor Radiometry
J. Z. Wilcox
The Goldstone Real-Time Connected Element Interferometer
C. Edwards, Jr., D. Rogstad, D. Fort, L. White, and B. Iijima
Spacecraft-Spacecraft Very Long Baseline Interferometry, Part I: Error Modeling and Observable Accuracy
C. Edwards, Jr., and J. S. Border
Use of the VLBI Delay Observable for Orbit Determination of Earth-Orbiting VLBI Satellites
J. S. Ulvestad
Modeling the Global Positioning System Signal Propagation Through the Ionosphere
S. Bassiri and G. Hajj
Evaluation of the Table Mountain Ronchi Telescope for Angular Tracking
G. Lanyi, G. Purcell, R. Treuhaft, and A. Buffington
Deep-Space Navigation Applications of Improved Ground-Based Optical Astrometry
G. W. Null, W. M. Owen, Jr., and S. P. Synnott
A Method for Modeling Discontinuities in a Microwave Coaxial Transmission Line
T. Y. Otoshi
DSS-13 Beam Waveguide Antenna Frequency Stability
T. Y. Otoshi and M. M. Franco
Locally Adaptive Vector Quantization: Data Compression With Feature Preservation
K.-M. Cheung and M. Sayano
Data Compression by Wavelet Transforms
M. Shahshahani
Maximal Codeword Lengths in Huffman Codes
Y. S. Abu-Mostafa and R. J. McEliece
Comparisons of Theoretical Limits for Source Coding With Practical Compression Algorithms
F. Pollara and S. Dolinar
Cascaded Convolutional Codes
F. Pollara and D. Divsalar
Binary Weight Distributions of Some Reed-Solomon Codes
F. Pollara and S. Arnold
Multiple Symbol Partially Coherent Detection of MPSK
M. K. Simon and D. Divsalar
A Parameter and Configuration Study of the DSS-13 Antenna Drives
W. Gawronski and J. A. Mellstrom
SETI Low-Frequency Feed Design Study for DSS 24
P. H. Stanton and P. R. Lee
Feed-Forward Control Upgrade of the Deep Space Network Antennas
W. Gawronski
Availability Analysis of the Traveling-Wave Maser Amplifiers in the Deep Space Network, Part I: The 70-Meter Antennas
T. N. lssa
A Model for the Cost of Doing a Cost Estimate
D. S. Remer and H. R. Buchanan

Volume 42-109 May 15, 1992

A Determination of the Radio-Planetary Frame Tie From Comparison of Earth Orientation Parameters
M. H. Finger and W. M. Folkner
Occultation of a Compact Radio Source by Venus
R. Linfield
A Nanoradian Differential VLBI Tracking Demonstration
R. N. Treuhaft and S. T. Lowe
Deep-Space Navigation With Differenced Data Types, Part III: An Expanded Information Content and Sensitivity Analysis
J. A. Estefan and S. W. Thurman
Orbiter-Orbiter and Orbiter-Lander Tracking Using Same-Beam Interferometry
W. M. Folkner and J. S. Border
Geometric Distortion Analysis of a Wide-Field Astrograph
W. M. Owen, Jr., and S. B. Shaklan
Applications of Inertial-Sensor High-Inheritance Instruments to DSN Precision Antenna Pointing
R. E. Goddard
Performance of a 12-GHz Fiber-Optic System for Beam-Waveguide Antenna Stability Testing
T. Y. Otoshi, M. M. Franco, and G. F. Lutes
Improvements in X-Band Transmitter Phase Stability Through Klystron Body Temperature Regulation
R. M. Perez
Noise-Optimal Control of HEMT LNA's for Compensation of Temperature Deviations
C. MacCarley, J. J. Bautista, and P. A. Willis
Golay and Other Box Codes
G. Solomon
Figure of Merit for Direct-Detection Optical Channels
C.-C. Chen
Optimizing the G/T Ratio of the DSS-13 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Antenna
M. S. Esquivel
Dynamic Modeling of Fluid Transmission Lines of the DSN 70-Meter Antennas by Using a Lumped Parameter Model
R. D. Bartos
Bandwidth Compression of Noisy Signals With Square-Wave Subcarrier
Y. Feria and J. Statman
An OSI Architecture for the Deep Space Network
W. R. Heuser
DSS-13 26-Meter Antenna Upgraded Radiometer System
C. T. Stelzried, L. Skjerve, and G. Bury
Sequential Design of a Linear Quadratic Controller for the Deep Space Network Antennas
W. Gawronski
DSN Acquisition of Magellan High-Rate Telemetry Data
A. L. Berman and P. A. Au
Galileo Early Cruise, Including Venus, First Earth, and Gaspra Encounters
P. E. Beyer, R. C. O'Connor, and D. J. Mudgway
Deep Space Network Information System Architecture Study
C. A. Beswick, R. W. Markley, D. J. Atkinson, L. P. Cooper, R. C. Tausworthe, R. C. Masline, J. S. Jenkins, R. A. Crowe, J. L. Thomas, and M. J. Stoloff
Generalized Probability Model for Calculation of Interference to the Deep Space Network Due to Circularly Earth-Orbiting Satellites
C. J. Ruggier
Ka-Band Feed Arrays for Spacecraft Reflector Antennas With Limited Scan Capability - An Overview
V. Jamnejad
DSN Observations of Titan
R. M. Goldstein and R. F. Jurgens
Goldstone Solar System Radar Signal Processing
R. Jurgens, E. Satorius, and O. Sanchez

Volume 42-108 February 15, 1992

A Demonstration of Centimeter-Level Monitoring of Polar Motion With the Global Positioning System
U. J. Lindqwister, A. P. Freedman, and G. Blewitt
A High-Performance Hg+ Trapped Ion Frequency Standard
J. D. Prestage, R. L. Tjoelker, G. J. Dick, and L. Maleki
Criteria for Ultrastable Operation of the Trapped Ion Frequency Standard
R. L. Tjoelker, J. D. Prestage, and L. Maleki
Orbit-Determination Performance of Doppler Data for Interplanetary Cruise Trajectories Part I: Error Analysis Methodology
J. S. Ulvestad and S. W. Thurman
Orbit-Determination Performance of Doppler Data for Interplanetary Cruise Trajectories Part II: 8.4-GHz Performance and Data-Weighting Strategies
J. S. Ulvestad
The X-Windows Interactive Navigation Data Editor
G. C. Rinker
Alignment of the Atmospheric Visibility Monitoring Telescope
K. Cowles and D. Erickson
Nonlinear, Nonbinary Cyclic Group Codes
G. Solomon
Real-Time Antenna Fault Diagnosis Experiments at DSS 13
J. Mellstrom, C. Pierson, and P. Smyth
Pointing-Error Simulations of the DSS-13 Antenna Due to Wind Disturbances
W. Gawronski, B. Bienkiewicz, and R. E. Hill
DSS-13 Beam-Waveguide Antenna Performance in the Bypass Mode
S. R. Stewart
The Electrical Conductivities of the DSS-13 Beam-Waveguide Antenna Shroud Material and Other Antenna Reflector Surface Materials
T. Y. Otoshi, M. M. Franco, and H. F. Reilly, Jr.
Software-Engineering Process Simulation Model (SEPS)
C. Y. Lin, T. Abdel-Hamid, and J. S. Sherif
Node Synchronization Schemes for the Big Viterbi Decoder
K.-M. Cheung, L. Swanson, and S. Arnold
250-kW CW Klystron Amplifier for Planelary Radar
R. Cormier and A. Mizuhara
An Assembly to Provide a Time Reference for the JPL Network Operations Control Center, Real-Time
P. A. Clements, J. G. Lopez, and M. J. Kelley
Dynamic Modeling of the Servovalves Incorporated in the Servo Hydraulic System of the 70-Meter DSN Antennas
R. D. Bartos
A Microwave Holography Methodology for Diagnostics and Performance Improvement for Large Reflector Antennas
D. J. Rochblatt
Performance Improvement of DSS-13 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Antenna Using the JPL Microwave Holography Methodology
D. J. Rochblatt and B. L. Seidel
DSN G/Top and Telecommunications System Performance
C. Stelzried, R. Clauss, W. Rafferty, and S. Petty
Position Determination of a Lander and Rover at Mars With Earth-Based Differential Tracking
R. D. Kahn, W. M. Folkner, C. D. Edwards, and A. Vijayaraghavan
Using Single Buffers and Data Reorganization to Implement a Multi-Megasample Fast Fourier Transform
R. D. Brown
Author Index, 1991

Volume 42-107 November 15, 1991

A Receiver Design for the Superconducting Cavity-Maser Oscillator
R. T. Wang and G. J. Dick
Suppressed Carrier Full-Spectrum Combining
D. H. Rogstad
A Comparison of the Fractal and JPEG Algorithms
K.-M. Cheung and M. Shahshahani
A Minimalist Approach to Receiver Architecture
O. Collins
Determinate-State Convolutional Codes
O. Collins and M. Hizlan
Some Partial-Unit-Memory Convolutional Codes
K. Abdel-Ghaffar, R. J. McEliece, and G. Solomon
A Portable Ku-Band Front-End Test Package for Beam-Waveguide Antenna Performance Evaluation
T. Y. Otoshi, S. R. Stewart, and M. M. Franco
A Proposed Far-Field Method for Frequency-Stability Measurements on the DSS 13 Beam-Waveguide Antenna
T. Y. Otoshi
The L/C-Band Feed Design for the DSS 14 70-Meter Antenna (Phobos Mission)
P. H. Stanton and H. R. Reilly, Jr.
Mark IVA Antenna Control System Data Handling Architecture Study
H. C. Briggs and D. B. Eldred
Expected Antenna Utilization and Overload
E. C. Posner
Trajectory and Navigation System Design for Robotic and Piloted Missions to Mars
S. W. Thurman and S. E. Matousek
A 640-MHz 32-Megachannel Real-Time Polyphase-FFT Spectrum Analyzer
G. A. Zimmerman, M. F. Garyantes, M. J. Grimm, and B. Charny
Polyphase-Discrete Fourier Transform Spectrum Analysis for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Sky Survey
G. A. Zimmerman and S. Gulkis
The Behavior of Quantization Spectra as a Function of Signal-to-Noise Ratio
M. J. Flanagan

Volume 42-106 August 15, 1991

Precise Orbit Determination of High-Earth Elliptical Orbiters Using Differenced Doppler and Range Measurements
J. A. Estefan
Algorithms for Structural Natural-Frequency Design
R. Levy
Pattern-Recognition Techniques Applied to Performance Monitoring of the DSS 13 34-Meter Antenna Control Assembly
J. Mellstrom and P. Smyth
A Cooled l- to 2-GHz Balanced HEMT Amplifier
G. G. Ortiz and S. Padin
Performance of a High Tc Superconducting Ultra-Low Loss Microwave Stripline Filter
J. J. Bautista, G. Ortiz, C. Zahopoulos, S. Sridhar, and M. Lanagan
Equivalent Circuit Model of Traveling-Wave Maser Slow-Wave Structures
J. Shell
Spectral Filters for Laser Communications
K. Shaik
Design and Testing of an Active Quenching Circuit for an Avalanche Photodiode Photon Detector
D. Arbel and J. A. Schwartz
Analysis of a Multiple Reception Model for Processing Images From the Solid-State Imaging Camera
T.-Y. Yan
The Advanced Receiver II Telemetry Test Results at Goldstone
R. Sadr, R. Bevan, and S. Hinedi
Symbol Lock Detection in the ARX II and Block V Receivers
M. Shihabi, S. Hinedi, and B. Shah
Design and Status of the RF-Digitizer Integrated Circuit
B. Rayhrer, B. Lam, L. E. Young, J. M. Srinivasan, and J. B. Thomas
Channel Assignments and Array Gain Bounds for the Ka-Band Array Feed Compensation System
V. A. Vilnrotter
Coding Gains and Error Rates From the Big Viterbi Decoder
I. M. Onyszchuk
Testing Interconnected VLSI Circuits in the Big Viterbi Decoder
I. M Onyszchuk
Frame Error Rate of the NASA Concatenated Coding System
L. Swanson and K.-M. Cheung
Initial Pointing Calibrations for the DSS 13 34-Meter Beam-Waveguide Antenna
L. S. Alvarez
Modeling and Simulations of the DSS 13 Antenna Control System
W. Gawronski and J. Mellstrom
A Portable Ka-Band Front-End Test Package for Beam-Waveguide Antenna Performance Evaluation - Part I: Design and Ground Tests
T. Y. Otoshi, S. R. Stewart, and M. M. Franco
A Portable Ka-Band Front-End Test Package for Beam-Waveguide Antenna Performance Evaluation - Part II: Tests on the Antenna
T. Y. Otoshi, S. R. Stewart, and M. M. Franco
Efficiency Calibration of the DSS 13 34-Meter Diameter Beam Waveguide Antenna at 8.45 and 32 GHz
S. D. Slobin, T. Y. Otoshi, M. J. Britcliffe, L. S. Alvarez, S. R. Stewart, and M. M. Franco
DSS 13 Phase II Pedestal Room Microwave Layout
T. Cwik and J. C. Chen
A Carrier-Arraying Demonstration at Goldstone for Receiving Pioneer 11 Signals
T. T. Pham, M. K. Simon, T. K. Peng, M. H. Brockman, S. S. Kent, and R. Weller
VLBI Data Performance in the Galileo Spacecraft Earth Flyby of December 1990
D. L. Gray
Carrier-to-Noise Power Estimation for the Block V Receiver
A. M. Monk
JPL 1999-3: A 5-nrad Extragalactic Source Catalog Based on Combined Radio Interferometric Observations
O. J. Sovers
Wideband Waveguide Polarizer Development for SETI
P. Lee and P. Stanton
Stochastic Availability Analysis of Operational Data Systems in the Deep Space Network
T. N. Issa
Modeling Preparation Costs for Space Missions by Using Major Cost Drivers
J. S. Sherif, D. S. Remer, and H. R. Buchanan

Volume 42-105 May 15, 1991

Combining GPS and VLBI Earth-Rotation Data for Improved Universal Time
A. P. Freedman
Computation of Vibration Mode Elastic-Rigid and Effective Weight Coefficients From Finite-Element Computer Program Output
R. Levy
X-/Ka-Band Dichroic Plate Design and Grating Lobe Study
J. C. Chen
Site Comparison for Optical Visibility Statistics in Southern California
K. Cowles
Modifications of the Griesmer Bound
R. J. McEliece and G. Solomon
Integer Cosine Transform for Image Compression
K.-M. Cheung, F. Pollara, and M. Shahshahani
A Portable X-Band Front-End Test Package for Beam-Waveguide Antenna Performance Evaluation, Part II: Tests on the Antenna
T. Y. Otoshi, S. R. Stewart, and M. M. Franco
Phasing the Very Large Array on Galileo In the Presence of Jupiter's Strong Radio Emission
J. S. Ulvestad
Elevation Control System Model for the DSS 13 Antenna
W. Gawronski and J. A. Mellstrom
Radio Science Ground Data System for the Voyager-Neptune Encounter, Part I
E. R. Kursinski and S. Asmar
Gaussian Beam and Physical Optics Iteration Technique for Wideband Beam Waveguide Feed Design
W. Veruttipong, J. C. Chen, and D. A Bathker
Design and Analysis of a Low-Loss Linear Analog Phase Modulator for Deep Space Spacecraft X-Band Transponder Applications
N. R. Mysoor and R. O. Mueller
Orbital Debris Radar Instrumentation
R. M. Goldstein and L. W. Randolph

Volume 42-104 February 15, 1991

Demonstration of Precise Estimation of Polar Motion Parameters With the Global Positioning System: Initial Results
S. M. Lichten
Analysis of a Thick Dichroic Plate With Rectangular Holes at Arbitrary Angles of Incidence
J. C. Chen
An Analysis of the Least-Squares Problem for the DSN Systematic Pointing Error Model
L. S. Alvarez
Predictive Control and Estimation Algorithms for the NASA/JPL 70-Meter Antennas
W. Gawronski
Initial Studies of Array Feeds for the 70-Meter Antenna at 32 GHz
P. W. Cramer
Steady-State Phase Error for a Phase-Locked Loop Subjected to Periodic Doppler Inputs
C.-C. Chen and M. Z. Win
Maximum-Entropy Probability Distributions Under Lp-Norm Constraints
S. Dolinar
Compressed/Reconstructed Test Images for CRAF/Cassini
S. Dolinar, K.-M. Cheung, I. Onyszchuk, F. Pollara, and S. Arnold
Emerging Standards for Still Image Compression: A Software Implementation and Simulation Study
F. Pollara and S. Arnold
Algebraic Geometric Codes
M. Shahshahani
Overview of Arraying Techniques in the Deep Space Network
A. Mileant and S. Hinedi
The Advanced Receiver II: Telemetry Test Results in CTA 21
S. Hinedi, R. Bevan, and M. Marina
On Estimating the Phase of a Periodic Waveform In Additive Gaussian Noise - Part III
L. L. Rauch
Digital Test Signal Generation: An Accurate SNR Calibration Approach for the DSN
B. O. Gutierrez-Luaces
A Comparison of Manchester Symbol Tracking Loops for Block V Applications
J. K. Holmes
Open-Loop Frequency Acquisition for Suppressed-Carrier Biphase Signals Using One-Pole Arm Filters
B. Shah and J. K. Holmes
Frame Synchronization for the Galileo Code
S. Arnold and L. Swanson
Planetary Ephemerides Approximation for Radar Astronomy
R. Sadr and M. Shahshahani
New Space Research Frequency Band Proposals In the 20- to 40.5-GHz Range
D. F. Bishop
Design Concepts and Performance of NASA X-Band (7162-MHz/8415-MHz) Transponder for Deep-Space Spacecraft Applications
N. R. Mysoor, J. D. Perret, and A. W. Kermode
Author Index,1990

Volume 42-103 November 15, 1990

Using Planetary Occultations of Radio Sources for Frame-Tie Measurements Part I: Motivation and Search for Events
R. P. Linfield
Three-Frequency Ranging Systems and Their Applications to Ionospheric Delay Calibration
S. Bassiri
Ultrastable Performance of the Superconducting Cavity Maser Oscillator at Short Measuring Times
R. T. Wang and G. J. Dick
Navigation and Guidance for a Mars Aerocapture Mission: A System Design Challenge
S. W. Thurman
DSN Baseline Coordinate and Station Location Errors Induced by Earth Orientation Errors
S. W. Thurman
Deep-Space Navigation With Differenced Data Types Part I: Differenced Range Information Content
W. Thurman
Deep-Space Navigation With Differenced Data Types Part II: Differenced Doppler Information Content
S. W. Thurman
Earth-Based Ranging Measurements to a Planetary Radio Beacon: An Approximate Analytic Formulation
J. A. Estefan, S. W. Thurman, and M. P. Batchelder
Optical Self-Crossing Measurements for Ida Ephemeris Improvement
G. W. Null and P. W. Chodas
A Plan for the Development and Demonstration of Optical Communications for Deep Space
J. R. Lesh, L. J. Deutsch, and W. J. Weber
Reflected Sunlight Reduction and Characterization for a Deep-Space Optical Receiver Antenna (DSORA)
B. D. Clymer
Parameter Uncertainties for a 10-Meter Ground-Based Optical Reception Station
K. Shaik
Active Optics for a Segmented Primary Mirror on a Deep-Space Optical Receiver Antenna (DSORA)
B. D. Clymer
A Portable X-Band Front-End Test Package for Beam-Waveguide Antenna Performance Evaluation Part I: Design and Ground Tests
T. Y. Otoshi, S. R. Stewart, and M. M Franco
Generation of Maximum Distance Separable Codes
G. Solomon
Node and Frame Synchronization in the Big Viterbi Decoder
J. I. Statman, B. Siev, and J. Rabkin
Galileo Array Study Team Report
J. W. Layland, F. D. McLaughlin, P. E. Beyer, D. J. Mudgway, D. W. Brown, R. W. Burt, R. J. Wallace, J. M. Ludwinski, B. D. Madsen, J. C. McKinney, N. Renzetti, and J. S. Ulvestad
A Comparison of Open-Loop Suppressed-Carrier Acquisition Techniques
B. Shah and S. Hinedi
A Computational Technique for the Means and Variances of Modulation Losses
T. Nguyen
A Node and Frame Synchronization Scheme In the Big Viterbi Decoder Based on Channel Symbol Measurements
K.-M. Cheung and J. I. Statman
An IF-to-Digital Converter for the Advanced Receiver II (ARX II)
R. C. LaBelle
Development of an Improved Analytic Model for the NASA/JPL 70-Meter Antenna Hydraulic Servovalve
E. A. Carrel1 and R. E. Hill
Deep Space Network Maintenance Cost Compared to Other Industries and Organizations
D. S. Remer, J. S. Sherif, and H. R. Buchanan
GOPEX: A Deep-Space Optical Communications Demonstration With the Galileo Spacecraft
K. E. Wilson, J. R. Lesh, T.-Y. Yan, J. Schwartz, M. D. Rayman, and S. Wee
Selection and Observability Tests of GOPEX Reference Stars
M. D. Rayman

Volume 42-102 August 15, 1990

The First Geocenter Estimation Results Using GPS Measurements
R. P. Malla and S. C. Wu
Computer Simulations of Ions in Radio-Frequency Traps
A. Williams, J. D. Prestage, L. Maleki, J. Djomehri, and E. Harabetian
Design of a Fiber-Optic Transmitter for Microwave Analog Transmission With High Phase Stability
R. T. Logan, Jr., G. F. Lutes, L. E. Primas, and L. Maleki
Navigational Utility of High-Precision Radio Interferometry for Galileo's Approach to Jupiter
W. M. Folkner
Linear-Phase Approximation in the Triangular Facet Near-Field Physical Optics Computer Program
W. A. Imbriale and R. E. Hodges
Site Comparison for Optical Visibility Statistics in Southern Arizona
K. A. Cowles
The Theoretical Limits of Source and Channel Coding
S. J. Dolinar and F. Pollara
A High-Speed Distortionless Predictive Image-Compression Scheme
K.-M. Cheung, P. Smyth, and H. Wang
Interagency Telemetry Arraying for Voyager-Neptune Encounter
D. W. Brown, W. D. Brundage, J. S. Ulvestad, S. S. Kent, and K. P. Bartos
The Parkes Front-End Controller and Noise-Adding Radiometer
T. J. Brunzie
The Impact of NRZ Data Asymmetry on the Performance of a Space Telemetry System
T. M. Nguyen
Technical Considerations on Using the Large Nancay Radio Telescope for SETI
S. Gulkis, F. Biraud, J. Heidmann, and J. Tarter

Volume 42-101 May 15, 1990

Goldstone Intracomplex Connected Element Interferometry
C. D. Edwards
A Reduced-Dynamic Technique for Precise Orbit Determination
S. C. Wu, T. P. Yunck, and C. L. Thornton
Information Content of a Single Pass of Phase-Delay Data From a Short Baseline Connected Element Interferometer
S. W. Thurman
Applications of Different Design Methodologies in Navigation Systems and Development at JPL
S. W. Thurman
Inhomogeneous Electric Field Effects in a Linear RF Quadrupole Trap
R. K. Melbourne, J. D. Prestage, and L. Maleki
A Study of the Influence of Hg (63P2) Population in a Low-Pressure Discharge on Mercury Ion Emission at 194.2 nm
L. Maleki, B. J. Blasenheim, and G. R. Janik
Application of Inertial Instruments for DSN Antenna Pointing and Tracking
D. B. Eldred, N. M Nerheim, and K. G. Holmes
Design and Performance Analysis of the DSS-13 Beam Waveguide Antenna
W. Veruttipong, W. Imbriale, and D. Bathker
A Two-Telescope Receiver Design for Deep Space Optical Communications
K. Shaik
Preliminary Error Budget for an Optical Ranging System: Range, Range Rate, and Differenced Range Observables
W. M. Folkner and M. H. Finger
Initial Results on Fault Diagnosis of DSN Antenna Control Assemblies Using Pattern Recognition Techniques
P. Smyth and J. Mellstrom
DSS 15, 45, and 65 34-Meter High-Efficiency Antenna Radio Frequency Performance Enhancement by Tilt Added to the Subreflector During Elevation Angle Changes
M. S. Katow
QPSK Loop Lock Detection in the Advanced Receiver
A. Mileant and S. Hinedi
Long-Range Planning Cost Model for Support of Future Space Missions by the Deep Space Network
J. S. Sherif, D. S. Remer, and H. R. Buchanan
Rings of Earth Detected by Orbital Debris Radar
R. Goldstein and L. Randolph

Volume 42-100 February 15, 1990

Precise Estimation of Tropospheric Path Delays With GPS Techniques
S. M. Lichten
The Determination of Maximum Deep Space Station Slew Rates for a High Earth Orbiter
J. A. Estefan
Microwave Analog Fiber-Optic Link for Use in the Deep Space Network
R. T. Logan, Jr., G. F. Lutes, and L. Maleki
Galileo Earth Approach Navigation Using Connected-Element Interferometer Phase-Delay Tracking
S. W. Thurman
Using Connected-Element Interferometer Phase-Delay Data for Magellan Navigation in Venus Orbit
S. W. Thurman and G. Badilla
Voltage Source AC-to-DC Converters for High-Power Transmitters
R. Cormier
Dual-Shaped Offset Reflector Antenna Designs From Solutions of the Geometrical Optics First-Order Partial Differential Equations
V. Galindo-Israel, W. Imbriale, K. Shogen, and R. Mittra
A Real-Time Signal Combining System for Ka-Band Feed Arrays Using Maximum-Likelihood Weight Estimates
V. A. Vilnrotter and E. R. Rodemich
Ultralow Noise Performance of an 8.4-GHz Maser-Feedhorn System
D. L. Johnson, S. M. Petty, J. J. Kovatch, and G. W. Glass
Radiometric Tests on Wet and Dry Antenna Reflector Surface Panels
T. Y. Otoshi and M. M. Franco
A Functional Description of the Advanced Receiver
S. Hinedi
QPSK Carrier-Acquisition Performance in the Advanced Receiver II
S. Hinedi and B. Shah
Digital Doppler Extraction Demonstration With the Advanced Receiver
S. Hinedi, R. Bevan, H. Del Castillo, P. Kinman, D. Chong, and R. Labelle
Exact Closed-Form Expressions for the Performance of the Split-Symbol Moments Estimator of Signal-to-Noise Ratio
S. Dolinar
A VLSI Decomposition of the deBruijn Graph
O. Collins, S. Dolinar, R. McEliece, and F. Pollara
Validity of the Two-Level Model for Viterbi Decoder Gap-Cycle Performance
S. Dolinar and S. Arnold
Finding the Complete Path and Weight Enumerators of Convolutional Codes
I. Onyszchuk
An Adaptive Vector Quantization Scheme
K.-M. Cheung
A VLSI Design for a Systolic Viterbi Decoder
T. K. Truong, E. Satorius, M. T. Shih, and I. S. Reed
Radar RFI at Goldstone DSS 12 and DSS 16
S. D. Slobin and T. K. Peng
Improving a Data-Acquisition Software System With Abstract Data Type Components
S. D. Howard
Structural Fatigue in the 34-Meter HA-Dec Antennas
R. A. Van Hek and B. P. Saldua
Mark IV-A DSCC (Magellan-Era) Telemetry System Description
D. L. Ross
A Higher Density VLBI Catalog for Navigating Magellan and Galileo
J. S. Ulvestad, 0. J. Sovers, and C. S. Jacobs
An 8.4-GHz Dual-Maser Front-End System for Parkes Reimplementation
D. L. Trowbridge, J. R. Loreman, T. J. Brunzie, and R. Quinn
Author Index, 1989

Volume 42-99 November 15, 1989

Determination of Earth Orientation Using the Global Positioning System
A. P. Freedman
Simple Analytic Potentials for Linear Ion Traps
G. R. Janik, J. D. Prestage, and L. Maleki
Microwave Oscillator With Reduced Phase Noise by Negative Feedback Incorporating Microwave Signals With Suppressed Carrier
G. J. Dick and J. Saunders
Effect of Laser Frequency Noise on Fiber-Optic Frequency Reference Distribution
R. T. Logan, Jr., G. F. Lutes, and L. Maleki
Thermal Coefficient of Delay for Various Coaxial and Fiber-Optic Cables
G. Lutes and W. Diener
Performance of the All-Digital Data-Transition Tracking Loop in the Advanced Receiver
U. Cheng and S. Hinedi
Costas Loop Lock Detection in the Advanced Receiver
A. Mileant and S. Hinedi
Photon Statistical Limitations for Daytime Optical Tracking
W. M. Folkner and M. H. Finger
Memory Management in Traceback Viterbi Decoders
O. Collins and F. Pollara
Some Easily Analyzable Convolutional Codes
R. McEliece, S. Dolinar, F. Pollara, and H. Van Tilborg
Quantization Effects in Viterbi Decoding Rate 1/n Convolutional Codes
I. M. Onyszchuk, K.-M. Cheung, and O. Collins
Big Viterbi Decoder (BVD) Results for (7,1/2) Convolutional Code
J. Statman, J. Rabkin, and B. Siev
Fast Transform Decoding of Nonsystematic Reed-Solomon Codes
T. K. Truong, K.-M. Cheung, I. S. Reed, and A. Shiozaki
Application of Adaptive Least-Squares Algorithm to Multi-Element Array Signal Reconstruction
R. Kumar
The Effects of Sinusoidal Interference on the Second-Order Carrier Tracking Loop Preceded by a Bandpass Limiter in the Block IV Receiver
C. J. Ruggier
Disturbance Torque Rejection Properties of the NASA/JPL 70-Meter Antenna Axis Servos
R. E. Hill
Parkes Radio Science System Design and Testing for Voyager Neptune Encounter
T. A. Rebold and J. F. Wesse
32-GHz Performance of the DSS-14 70-Meter Antenna: 1989 Configuration
M. S. Gatti, M. J. Klein, and T. B. H. Kuiper

Volume 42-98 August 15, 1989

An Analytic Development of Orbit Determination for a Distant, Planetary Orbiter
R. K. Russell and S. W. Thurman
A Statistical Study of Radio-Source Structure Effects on Astrometric Very Long Baseline Interferometry Observations
J. S. Ulvestad
An Apparatus for the Electrodynamic Containment of Charged Macroparticles
A. Williams, R. Melbourne, L. Maleki, G. Janik. and J. Prestage
Spin-Lattice Relaxation and the Calculation of Gain, Pump Power, and Noise Temperature in Ruby
J. R. Lyons
Performance Effects of Tie-Truss Modifications for a 70-Meter Centerline Beam Waveguide Antenna
J. J. Cucchissi
A Performance Comparison Between Block Interleaved and Helically Interleaved Concatenated Coding Systems
K.-M. Cheung and L. Swanson
On the Decoder Error Probability of Linear Codes
K.-M. Cheung
Automated Monitor and Control for Deep Space Network Subsystems
P. Smyth
Frame Synchronization Methods Based on Channel Symbol Measurements
S. Dolinar and K.-M. Cheung
Performance of the Image Statistics Decoder in Conjuction With the Goldstone-VLA Array
H. C. Wang and G. H. Pitt III
A Closed-Cycle Refrigerator for Cooling Maser Amplifiers Below 4 Kelvin
M. Britcliffe
Wideband Phase-Locked Angular Modulator
L. Nguyen
Performance of the Split-Symbol Moments SNR Estimator in the Presence of Inter-Symbol Interference
B. Shah and S. Hinedi
DSN 70-Meter Antenna Microwave Optics Design and Performance Improvements Part II: Comparison With Measurements
O. A. Bathker and S. D. Slobin
Stable Kalman Filters for Processing Clock Measurement Data
P. A. Clements, B. P. Gibbs, and J. S. Vandergraft
A Simple Model for DSS-14 Outage Times
H. C. Rumsey, R. Stevens, and E. C. Posner
Ka-Band MMIC Beam Steered Transmitter Array
D. L. Rascoe, A. L. Riley, J. Huang, V. Lubecke, and L. Duffy
The NASA SETI Sky Survey: Recent Developments
M. J. Klein, S. Gulkis, E. T. Olsen, and N. A. Renzetti

Volume 42-97 May 15, 1989

Estimation and Filtering Techniques for High-Accuracy GPS Applications
S. M. Lichten
High-Precision Radiometric Tracking for Planetary Approach and Encounter in the Inner Solar System
C. S. Christensen, S. W. Thurman, J. M. Davidson, M. H. Finger, and W. M. Folkner
The Effect of Spatial and Temporal Wet-Troposphere Fluctuations on Connected Element lnterferometry
C. D. Edwards
New Ion Trap for Atomic Frequency Standard Applications
J. D. Prestage, G. J. Dick, and L. Maleki
Operational Parameters for the Superconducting Cavity Maser
R. T. Wang, G. J. Dick, and D. M. Strayer
Operating and Environmental Characteristics of Sigma Tau Hydrogen Masers Used in the Very Long Baseline Array (VLBA)
T. K. Tucker
State-of-the-Art Fiber Optics for Short Distance Frequency Reference Distribution
G. Lutes and L. Primas
Stabilized Fiber-Optic Frequency Distribution System
L. E. Primas, G. F. Lutes, and R. L. Sydnor
A New Method for Analysis of Limit Cycle Behavior of the NASA/JPL 70-Meter Antenna Axis Servos
R. E. Hill
Application of Optimal Control Theory to the Design of the NASA/JPL 70-Meter Antenna Axis Servos
L. S Alvarez and J. Nickerson
Precision Pointing Compensation for DSN Antennas With Optical Distance Measuring Sensors
R. E. Scheid
The Effects of Atmospheric Turbulence on Precision Optical Measurements Used for Antenna-Pointing Compensation
N. Nerheim
A Multiflare Horn With l-Megawatt Power Handling Capability
D. J. Hoppe
Thermal Measurements of Microwave Transmitter Feedhorn Window
R. M. Perez and D. J. Hoppe
A New Analysis of Beam-Waveguide Antennas Considering the Presence of the Enclosure
A. G. Cha
Multipurpose Exciter With Low Phase Noise
B. Conroy and D. Le
Software Package for Performing Experiments About the Convolutionally Encoded Voyager 1 Link
U. Cheng
The Use of Interleaving for Reducing Radio Loss in Trellis-Coded Modulation Systems
D. Divsalar and M. K. Simon
Performance of Concatenated Codes Using 8-Bit and 10-Bit Reed-Solomon Codes
F. Pollara and K.-M. Cheung
Decoding of 1/2-Rate (24,12) Golay Codes
T.-K. Truong, I. S. Reed, and X. Yin
The Weight Distribution and Randomness of Linear Codes
K.-M. Cheung
Effective Amplifier Noise for an Optical Receiver Based on Linear Mode Avalanche Photodiodes
C.-C. Chen
A Visibility Characterization Program for Optical Communications Through the Atmosphere
K. Cowles
Options for Daytime Monitoring of Atmospheric Visibility in Optical Communications
D. Erickson and K. Cowles
Site Selection Criteria for the Optical Atmospheric Visibility Monitoring Telescopes
K. Cowles
A Novel Approach to a PPM-Modulated Frequency-Doubled Electro-Optic Cavity-Dumped Nd:YAG Laser
D. L. Robinson
Microwave Time Delays for the X/S-Band Feed System at X-Band
J. Chen
DSN Radio Science System Design and Testing for Voyager-Neptune Encounter
N. C. Ham, T. A. Rebold, and J. F. Weese
Accuracy of Telemetry Signal Power Loss in a Filter as an Estimate for Telemetry Degradation
M. A. Koerner
The DSS-14 C-Band Exciter
D. R. Rowan
Orthogonal Sets of Data Windows Constructed From Trigonometric Polynomials
C. A. Greenhall
DSN 70-Meter Antenna Microwave Optics Design and Performance Improvements Part I: Design Optimization
D. A. Bathker and S. D. Slobin
DSN 70-Meter Antenna X- and S-Band Calibration Part I: Gain Measurements
P. H. Richter and S. D. Slobin
DSN 70-Meter Antenna X- and S-Band Calibration Part II: System Noise Temperature Measurements and Telecommunications Link Evaluation
S. D. Slobin and P. H. Richter
Reanalysis, Compatibility, and Correlation in Analysis of Modified Antenna Structures
R. Levy

Volume 42-96 February 15, 1989

Design and Test of a 2.25-MW Transformer Rectifier Assembly
R. Cormier and J. Daeges
On Sampling Band-Pass Signals
R. Sadr and M. Shahshahani
The Use of Interleaving for Reducing Radio Loss in Convolutionally Coded Systems
D. Divsalar, M. K. Simon, and J. H. Yuen
A New VLSI Architecture for a Single-Chip-Type Reed-Solomon Decoder
I. S. Hsu and T. K. Truong
A Simplified Procedure for Decoding the (23,12) and (24,12) Golay Codes
T. K. Truong, J. K. Holmes, I. S. Reed, and X. Yin
Test Aspects of the JPL Viterbi Decoder
M. A. Breuer
On Testing VLSI Chips for the Big Viterbi Decoder
I. S. Hsu
Wiring Viterbi Decoders (Splitting deBruijn Graphs)
O. Collins, F. Pollara, S. Dolinar, and J. Statman
Block Diagrams of the Radar Interface and Control Unit
J. W. Collier
RF Performance Measurement of the DSS-14 70-Meter Antenna at C-Band/L-Band
M. S. Gatti, A. J. Freiley, and D. Girdner
Microwave Time Delays for the Dual L-C-Band Feed System
J. Chen
Systems Analysis for DSN Microwave Antenna Holography
D. J. Rochblatt
Ka-Band Study-1988
J. W. Layland, R. L. Horttor, R. C. Clauss, J. H. Wilcher, R. J. Wallace, and D. J. Mudgway
A Low-Loss Linear Analog Phase Modulator for 8415 MHz Transponder Application
N. Mysoor
Radio Frequency Interference Survey Over the 1.0-10.4 GHz Frequency Range at the Goldstone-Venus Development Station
S. Gulkis, E. T. Olsen, M. J. Klein, and E. B. Jackson
Author Index, 1988

Volume 42-95 November 15, 1988

Deriving a Geocentric Reference Frame for Satellite Positioning and Navigation
R. P. Malla and S.-C. Wu
Determination of GPS Orbits to Submeter Accuracy
W. I. Berliger, S. M. Lichten, and E. C. Katsigris
Two-Way Coherent Doppler Error Due to Solar Corona
P. W. Kinman and S. W. Asmar
Dynamic Models for Simulation of the 70-M Antenna Axis Servos
R. E. Hill
A New Algorithm for Modeling Friction in Dynamic Mechanical Systems
R. E. Hill
Theoretical Comparison of Maser Materials for a 32-GHz Maser Amplifier
J. R. Lyons
32-GHz Cryogenically Cooled HEMT Low-Noise Amplifiers
J. J. Bautista, G. G. Ortiz, K. H. G. Duh, W. F. Kopp, P. Ho, P. C. Chao, M. Y. Kao, P. M. Smith, and J. M. Ballingall
Cross-Guide Coupler Modeling and Design
J. Chen
Modal Analysis Applied to Circular, Rectangular, and Coaxial Waveguides
D. J. Hoppe
Conceptual Design of a 1-MW CW X-Band Transmitter for Planetary Radar
A. M. Bhanji, D. J. Hoppe, B. L. Conroy, and A. J. Freiley
VLA Telemetry Performance With Concatenated Coding for Voyager at Neptune
S. J. Dolinar, Jr.
A Long Constraint Length VLSI Viterbi Decoder for the DSN
J. Statman, G. Zimmerman, F. Pollara, and O. Collins
Long Decoding Runs for Galileo's Convolutional Codes
C. R. Lahmeyer and K.-M. Cheung
Performance of Galileo's Concatenated Codes With Nonideal Interleaving
K.-M. Cheung and S. J. Dolinar, Jr.
The Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes
R. J. McEliece
Performance of Efficient Q-Switched Diode-Laser-Pumped Nd:YAG and Ho:YLF Lasers for Space Applications
W. K. Marshall, K. Cowles, and H. Hemmati
Calculations of Laser Cavity Dumping for Optical Communications
D. L. Robinson and M. D. Rayman
An Integral Sunshade for Optical Reception Antennas
E. L. Kerr
Shutters and Slats for the Integral Sunshade of an Optical Reception Antenna
E. L. Kerr and C. W. DeVore
Effect of Earth Albedo Variation on the Performance of a Spatial Acquisition Subsystem Aboard a Planetary Spacecraft
C.-C. Chen
A Preliminary Weather Model for Optical Communications Through the Atmosphere
K. S. Shaik
An Extended Kalman Filter Based Automatic Frequency Control Loop
S. Hinedi
Transmitter Data Collection Using Ada
B. L. Conroy
DSN 70-Meter Antenna X-Band Gain, Phase, and Pointing Performance, With Particular Application for Voyager 2 Neptune Encounter
D. Slobin and D. A. Bathker
Pointing a Ground Antenna at a Spinning Spacecraft Using Conscan-Simulation Results
A. Mileant and T. Peng

Volume 42-94 August 15, 1988

Deep Space Tracking in Local Reference Frames
R. N. Treuhaft
Precise Orbit Determination for NASA's Earth Observing System Using GPS
B. G. Williams
PSA: A Program to Streamline Orbit Determination for Launch Support Operations
V. N. Legerton and N. A. Mottinger
Spain 31-GHz Observations of Sky Brightness Temperatures
B. L. Gary
Australia 31-GHz Brightness Temperature Exceedance Statistics
B. L. Gary
Gravitational Wave Searches Using the DSN
S. J. Nelson and J. W. Armstrong
Evaluation of the Characteristics of a Field Emission Cathode for Use in a Mercury Ion Trap Frequency Standard
J. M. Christman
Simultaneous S- and X-Band Uplink-Downlink Performance at DSS 13
A. J. Freiley
X/X/Ka-Band Prime Focus Feed Antenna for the Mars Observer Beacon Spacecraft
P. Stanton, H. Reilly, and M. Esquivel
Dual Passband Dichroic Plate for X-Band
T. Y. Otoshi and M. M. Franco
Antenna Pointing Compensation Based on Precision Optical Measurement Techniques
L. L. Schumacher and H. C. Vivian
A 32-GHz Reflected-Wave Maser Amplifier With Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth
J. Shell and D. Neff
An 8.4-GHz Cryogenically Cooled HEMT Amplifier for DSS 13
L. Tanida
Design of an Optical PPM Communication Link in the Presence of Component Tolerances
C.-C. Chen
Atmospheric Propagation Effects Relevant to Optical Communications
K. S. Shaik
Node Synchronization of Viterbi Decoders Using State Metrics
U. Cheng
A Software Simulation Study of the Long Constraint Length VLSI Viterbi Decoder
S. Arnold and F. Pollara
An Automatic Frequency Control Loop Using Overlapping DFTs
S. Aguirre
Heat Exchanger Expert System Logic
R. Cormier
Storage and Computationally Efficient Permutations of Factorized Covariance and Square-Root Information Arrays
R. J. Muellerschoen
Phasing the Antennas of the Very Large Array for Reception of Telemetry from Voyager 2 at Neptune Encounter
J. S. Ulvestad
Phobos Lander Coding System: Software and Analysis
K.-M. Cheung and F. Pollara
Relative Planetary Radar Sensitivities: Arecibo and Goldstone
N. A. Renzetti, T. W. Thompson, and M. A. Slade
DSN 64-Meter Antenna L-Band (1668 MHz) Microwave System Performance Overview
J. Withington
Summary of DSN Reimbursable Launch Support
N. A. Fanelli and M. E. Wyatt