The Telecommunications and Data Acquisition Progress Report 42-84

October-December 1985

E. C. Posner

February 15, 1986

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California



DSN Advanced Systems

The Effect of the Dynamic Wet Troposphere on VLBI Measurements
R. N. Treuhaft and G. E. Lanyi
NASA Code 310-10-60-60-00


New Reflective Symmetry Design Capability in the JPL-IDEAS Structure Optimization Program
D. Strain and R. Levy
NASA Code 310-20-65-04-10

Preliminary Results Toward Injection Locking of an Incoherent Laser Array
J. Daher
NASA Code 310-20-67-55-00

Low-Loss Off-Axis Feeds for Symmetric Dual-Reflector Antennas
T. Veruttipong, V. Galindo-Israel, and W. lmbriale
NASA Code 310-20-65-04-00

A Note on the Wideband Gaussian Broadcast Channel
R. J. McEliece, E. C. Posner, and L. Swanson
NASA Code 310-30-71-83-04

On the Decoder Error Probability for Reed-Solomon Codes
R. J. McEliece and L. Swanson
NASA Code 310-30-71-83-02

A Single Chip VLSI Reed-Solomon Decoder
H. M. Shao, T. K. Truong, I. S. Hsu, L. J. Deutsch, and I. S. Reed
NASA Code 310-30-70-84-08

Effects of Quantization on Symbol Stream Combining in a Convolutionally Coded System
F. Pollara and L. Swanson
NASA Code 310-30-71-84-04

Acquisition Times of Carrier Tracking Sampled Data Phase-Locked Loops
S. Aguirre
NASA Code 310-30-70-84-02

DSN Systems Implementation

Physical Optics Analysis of a Four-Reflector Antenna: Part 1
A. G. Cha
NASA Code 314-30-56-04-01

Performance Characteristics for an Array of Two Receiving Systems With Unequal Predetection Signal-to-Noise Ratios and Enhanced Radio Frequency Carrier Margin Improvement
M. H. Brockman
NASA Code 311-03-41-82-11

Performance Characteristics for an Array of Two Receiving Systems With Equal Apertures and Enhanced Radio Frequency Carrier Margin Improvement
M. H. Brockman
NASA Code 311-03-41-82-11

A Conceptual 34-Meter Antenna Feed Configuration for Joint DSN/SETI Use From 1 to 10 GHz
S. D. Slobin
NASA Code 314-30-69-01-11


DSN Command System Mark IV-85
H. C. Thorman
NASA Code 314-40-41-81-12

Deep Space Network Radio Science System for Voyager Uranus and Galileo Missions
T. K. Peng and F. F. Donivan
NASA Code 314-40-41-82-10

The Search for Reference Sources for VLBI Navigation of the Galileo Spacecraft
J. S. Ulvestad and R. P. Linfield
NASA Code 314-30-51-38-45

Gain, Phase, and Frequency Stability of DSS-42 and DSS-43 for Voyager Uranus Encounter
A. G. Cha and R. Levy
NASA Code 314-30-56-04-01


ICE Encounter Operations
N. Fanelli and D. Morris
NASA Code 314-40-22-34-01

Usuda Deep Space Center Support for ICE
J. P. Goodwin
NASA Code 314-40-22-51-01

Arecibo Observatory Support of the U.S. International Cometary Explorer Mission Encounter at Comet Giacobini-Zinner
D. D. Gordon and M. T. Ward
NASA Code 314-40-32-10-13

ICE Telemetry Performance
J. W. Layland
NASA Code 314-40-31-30-03

Periodic Variations in the Signal-to-Noise Ratios of Signals Received From the ICE Spacecraft
T. Nadeau
NASA Code 310-30-70-84-06

Intercontinental Antenna Arraying by Symbol Stream Combining at ICE Giacobini-Zinner Encounter
W. J. Hurd, F. Pollara, M. D. Russell, B. Siev, and P. U. Winter
NASA Code 310-30-70-84-06

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Time and Space Integrating Acousto-Optic Folded Spectrum Processing for SETI
K. Wagner and D. Psaltis
NASA Code 119-50-62-09-06


Viterbi Algorithm on a Hypercube: Concurrent Formulation
F. Pollara
NASA Code 404-00-73-02-96

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