The Deep Space Network Progress Report 42-27

March and April 1975

June 15, 1975

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California





DSN Functions and Facilities
N. A. Renzetti


Ongoing Planetary/Interplanetary Flight Projects

Mariner 10 Mission Support
E. K. Davis
NASA Code 311-03-21-60

Viking Mission Support
D. J. Mudgway, A. I. Bryan, H. C. Thorman, and D. W. Johnston
NASA Code 311-03-21-70

Pioneer Venus 1978 Mission Support
R. B. Miller
NASA Code 311-03-21-90

Helios Mission Support
P.S. Goodwin, W. G. Meeks, and S. E. Reed
NASA Code 311-03-21-50


A Dynamic Model for Analysis of Solar Energy Systems
C. L. Hamilton
NASA Code 311-03-31-30


Tracking and Ground-Based Navigation

The QVLBI Doppler Demonstration Conducted With Mariner 10
C. C. Chao and V. J. Ondrasik
NASA Code 310-10-60-50

Distribution Amplifiers for Hydrogen Maser Frequency Standard
G. Lutes
NASA Code 310-10-61-07

Communications - Spacecraft/Ground

Galois Switching Functions and Their Applications
B. Benjauthrit and I. S. Reed
NASA Code 310-20-67-08

The Superior Conjunction of Mariner 10
R. M. Goldstein and C. T. Stelzried
NASA Code 310-20-66-07

S/X Band Experiment: Effect of Discontinuities on the Group Delay of a Microwave Transmission Line
R. W. Beatty and T. Y. Otoshi
NASA Code 310-20-66-06

Graphs With Multiple Nodes for Printed Circuitry
H. Taylor
NASA Code 310-20-67-08

Station Control and Operations Technology

DSN Research and Technology Support
E. B. Jackson and A. I. Price
NASA Code 310-30-69-02

Instrumental Polarization of the Goldstone 64-m Antenna System at 2388 MHz
G. S. Downs and P. E. Reichley
NASA Code 310-30-69-08

Network Control and Data Processing

An NCS Standard Interface for the XDS 900 Series Computers
W. Lushbaugh
NASA Code 310-40-72-02


Deep Space Stations

High-Reliability Microcircuit Procurement Program in the DSN
E. F. Zundel
NASA Code 311-03-42-94

Simulation Time Switch Assembly: A New Conjoint Station Time Switching Capability
M. J. Galitzen
NASA Code 311-03-42-48

Automatic Space Noise Recorder
R. W. Livermore
NASA Code 311-03-114

An Evaluation of the Use of a Cathode Ray Tube Light Pen Option Within the Deep Space Station Monitor and Control Subsystem
J. Thomson
NASA Code 311-03-42-53

Computation of Gravity RMS for HA-DEC Antennas
M. S. Katow and R. Levy
NASA Code 311-03-14-31

Structural Data Checks With Computer Graphics
M. S. Katow and R. H. Patton
NASA Code 311-03-14-31

Magnetic-Tape Module Copy and Verification System
R. Billings and M. Martin
NASA Code 311-03-14-42

Deep Space Network Sequence of Events
M. Puchalski
NASA Code 311-03-13-11


Network Operations

X-Band Tracking Operations During the Viking Orbital Phase
A. L. Berman
NASA Code 311-03-13-20

Tracking Operations During the Pioneer 11 Jupiter Encounter
A. L. Berman and R. S. Schlaifer
NASA Code 311-03-13-20


TDA Planning

TDA Data Management Planning: Construction of Maximal Daily Tracking Schedules
C. A. Greenhall
NASA Code 311-03-31-30

Quality Assurance Training and Certification Program
R. L. Sirpilla and L. H. Fisler
NASA Code 311-03-32-20

Quality Assurance

Hydrogen Gas-Fueled Diesel Engine Feasibility Demonstration
R. Reynolds
NASA Code 311-03-41-08

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