The Deep Space Network Progress Report 42-44

January and February 1978

April 15, 1978

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California




DSN Functions and Facilities
N. A. Renzetti

DSN Test and Training System, Mark III-77
H. C. Thorman
NASA Code 311-03-43-10


Ongoing Planetary/Interplanetary Flight Projects

Voyager Support
R. Morris
NASA Code 311-03-22-20

Viking Extended Mission Support
T. W. Howe
NASA Code 311-03-21-70

Pioneer Mission Support
T. P. Adamski
NASA Code 311-03-21-90

Helios Mission Support
P. S. Goodwin, W. N. Jensen, and G. M. Rockwell
NASA Code 311-03-21-50


Tracking and Ground-Based Navigation

An Alternate Technique for Near-Sun Ranging
J. W. Layland
NASA Code 310-10-61-08

The Tone Generator and Phase Calibration in VLBI Measurements
J. B. Thomas
NASA Code 310-10-60-06

An Analysis of Viking S-X Doppler Measurements of Solar Wind Columnar Content Fluctuations
P. S. Callahan
NASA Code 310-10-60-05

A Method for Measuring Group Time Delay Through a Feed Horn
T. Y. Otoshi, R. B. Lyon, and M. Franco
NASA Code 310-10-61-08

Communications - Spacecraft/Ground

An Analysis of Alternate Symbol Inversion for Improved Symbol Synchronization in Convolutionally Coded Systems
L. D. Baumert, R. J. McEliece, and H. van Tilborg
NASA Code 310-20-67-11

A Prototype DSN X-S Band Feed: DSS 13 First Application Status
W. F. Williams
NASA Code 310-20-65-05

LAASP 100-m Antenna Wind Performance Studies
R. Levy and M. S. Katow
NASA Code 310-20-65-13

A Public-Key Cryptosystem Based On Algebraic Coding Theory
R. J. McEliece
NASA Code 310-10-67-11

Tracking Loop and Modulation Format Considerations for High Rate Telemetry
J. R. Lesh
NASA Code 310-20-67-13

Station Control and Operations Technology

Development Support - DSS 13 S-X Unattended Systems Development
E. B. Jackson
NASA Code 310-30-68-10

Network Control and Data Processing

The DSN Standard Real-Time Language
R. L. Schwartz, G. L. Fisher, and R. C. Tausworthe
NASA Code 310-40-72-05



On Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes Over GF(32) and GF(64) Using the Transform Techniques of Winograd
I. S. Reed, T. K. Truong, and B. Benjauthrit
NASA Code 311-03-42-95

Electron Density and Doppler RMS Phase Fluctuation in the Inner Corona
A. L. Berman
NASA Code 311-03-43-10

The DSS Radio Science Subsystem - Real-Time Bandwidth Reduction and Wideband Recording of Radio Science Data
A. L. Berman
NASA Code 311-03-43-10

Solar Wind Density Fluctuation and the Experiment to Detect Gravitational Waves in Ultraprecise Doppler Data
A. L. Berman
NASA Code 311-03-43-10

Solar Wind Turbulence Models Evaluated via Observations of Doppler RMS Phase Fluctuation and Spectral Broadening in the Inner Corona
A. L. Berman
NASA Code 311-03-43-10

On the Suitability of Viking Differenced Range to the Determination of Relative Z-Distance
F. B. Winn
NASA Code 311-03-42-54

Ground Communications

CClR Papers on Telecommunications for Deep Space Research
N. F. deGroot
NASA Code 311-06-50-00

Deep Space Stations

Development of a Unified Criterion for Solar Collector Selection
F. L. Lansing
NASA Code 311-03-41-08

Implementation of Automated Fault Isolation Test Programs for Maximum Likelihood Convolutional Decoder (MCD) Maintenance
M. E. Alberda
NASA Code 311-03-44-11

Performance of Solar-Powered Vapor-Jet Refrigeration Systems with Selected Working Fluids
V. W. Chai and F. L. Lansing
NASA Code 311-03-41-08


Network Operations

Voyager Near Simultaneous Ranging Transfers
G. L. Spradlin
NASA Code 311-03-13-20

Some Data Relationships Among Diverse Areas of the DSN and JPL
R. M. Smith
NASA Code 311-03-13-25

A New, Nearly Free, Clock Synchronization Technique
W. H. Hietzke
NASA Code 311-03-13-20

Deep Space Stations

Tracking Operations During the Voyager 2 Launch Phase
J. A. Wackley and G. L. Spradlin
NASA Code 311-03-13-20


An Effective Procurement and Financial Management Reporting System
J. B. Rozek and F. R. Maiocco
NASA Code 311-03-32-10

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