The Telecommunications and Data Acquisition Progress Report 42-124

October-December 1995

Joseph H. Yuen

February 15, 1996

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology
Pasadena, California


Note From the Editor


List of Changes

DSN Advanced Systems

The Effect of Aperture Averaging Upon Tropospheric Delay Fluctuations Seen With a DSN Antenna
R. Linfield
NASA Code 314-30-11-90-02


An Overview of the GOLD Experiment Between the ETS-VI Satellite and the Table Mountain Facility
K. E. Wilson
NASA Code 314-30-12-00-01

Preliminary Analysis of Fluctuations in the Received Uplink-Beacon-Power Data Obtained From the GOLD Experiments
M. Jeganathan, K. E. Wilson, and J. R. Lesh
NASA Code 314-30-12-00-01

Optimum Combining of Residual Carrier Array Signals in Correlated Noises
H. H. Tan, R. Liang, and P.-H. Suen
NASA Code 315-91-20-20-55

Channel Capacity of an Array System for Gaussian Channels With Applications to Combining and Noise Cancellation
K.-M. Cheung and V. Vilnrotter
NASA Code 314-30-11-20-02

Soft-Output Decoding Algorithms in Iterative Decoding of Turbo Codes
S. Benedetto, D. Divsalar, G. Montorsi, and F. Pollara
NASA Code 315-91-20-20-53

Progressive Transmission and Compression of Images
A. B. Kiely
NASA Code 315-91-20-20-52

DSN Systems Implementation

Ka-Band Monopulse Antenna-Pointing Systems Analysis and Simulation
V. Y. Lo
NASA Code 315-91-20-20-55

Modeling and Analysis of the DSS-14 Antenna Control System
W. Gawronski and R. Bartos
NASA Code 314-30-55-02-19

A Prototype Ka-/Ka-Band Dichroic Plate With Stepped Rectrangular Apertures
J. C. Chen, P. H. Stanton, and H. F. Reilly, Jr.
NASA Code 314-30-11-00-15

Sequence-of-Events-Driven Automation of the Deep Space Network
R. Hill, Jr., K. Fayyad, C. Smyth, T. Santos, R. Chen, S. Chien, and R. Bevan
NASA Code 314-30-11-70-03

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